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started by: Headly

Posted by Headly on July 15 2006,11:49
Hi Guys,
I have been trying for some time to install mysql on a frugal install of DSL.  I have successfully compiled an application for DSL (gpsdrive) that works with or without Mysql but all or the great features are missing if it can't find MySQL.

I can't find a .tar.gz or .dsl package for mysql so I figure apt-get might be a way to do it but I have tried lots of different names including version numbers but it says that mysql can't be found.  

Even if I find it with apt-get how can I make it permanent on a frugal install.  A howto apt-get with DSL in mind looks like it is really needed.

Please don't tell me to go read the doco with out linking to it because where ever it is I can't find it.  I think DSL is REALLY great but "Forum != doco" I have been working in unix / dos / windows for 20 + years and DSL is really hard to figure out. I have had a few ah ha! moments so I'm getting there slowly but it doesn't need to be this hard.

I think wiki may be the answer.  Rather than reply to a post write a wiki and link to it in the reply.  That way it can be ammended as DSL grows.

I'm getting desperate now. I first got the gpsdrive application to run on DSL 12 months ago.  My hardware is still sitting on my test bench.  I want to install it in my car :)

At a pinch I may be able to talk the gpsdrive developers into supporting sqlite but I can only see a client application for sqlite in DSL.  How the hell do you install the data base itself or is that just as hard as Mysql.

I am installing onto either a 1Gb or 4Gb Compact Flash card so space is not a huge problem.  I would use a full size distro except I don't what to use a hard disk as vibration in my car will be a real problem.  I wan't to use the rest of the 4Gb for mapping data.

Don't get me wrong I'm not cranky just a little frustrated.  I see a fantastic operating system in DSL but can't quite get it to do what I want.


Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on July 15 2006,19:28
Using apt-get does not ensure that it will work entirely for DSL - since it is made for pure Debian.

And actually, apt-get is _on_ the wiki: see the red text on < >

But what I think is that it looks like you didn't do a apt-get update.

Posted by Headly on July 16 2006,23:10
Thanks for the info.
It looks like apt-get isn't going to do what I need as it is really only useful for a HD install and I using frugal.

I'll probably compile it myself and build a tar.gz package.
I have it compiling OK at the moment, now I just need to test it.

Thanks again for the link.


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