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Topic: dependencies
started by: LaminatedKitten

Posted by LaminatedKitten on Aug. 25 2004,04:15
i'll try to install something like apache or php and i'll get dependency logically i try to download the dep's....but they dont work either, its a vicious freaking circle i tell you a circle!

any ideas?

Posted by mpie on Aug. 25 2004,07:55
the easiest solution is to install synaptic..............
this will usually take care of nasty deps if they are available with your current mirrors..........
you may also need to edit you /etc/apt/sources.list
simply open it in your preferred editor and add a # before the stable line and remove a # from the unstable line........
or you can search for mirrors with the desired programs on and add those too your sources.list...
goodluck :D

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