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Topic: linux newb needs help
started by: NiklasF88

Posted by NiklasF88 on Dec. 10 2003,21:49
hi how can i install gcc and make?
Posted by fhfhfof on Dec. 11 2003,02:51
I don't think you can install GCC and make as packages with DSL because the var/lib/dpkg has been removed. (Correct me if I'm wrong). You'll have to get a binary version of GCC and make and then load them into ramdisk or a partition (or some other filesystem).
Posted by Crotalus on Dec. 11 2003,02:55
run dpkg-restore as root and then try to install gcc/make. If that doesn't work then run apt-get remove coreutils, it will warn but say yes, then the second warning, about removing the kernel, say NO. Not responsible for what this does though. Hint: It worked for me!
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