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Topic: are there better ways than apt-get
started by: hooji

Posted by hooji on Nov. 18 2003,15:31
I am going to install Apache in DSL. I found if I use apt-get, I have to manually resove dependencies by finding any needed lib-package and other stuff.
Is there any way else, It automatically resolves dependencies and chooses correct packages for Apache?

Posted by KevB on Nov. 18 2003,19:04
Apt-get should be doing that. I installed Apache on DSL 0.4.8 and it worked fine. Maybe there is an issue with newer versions of DSL, or the sources you are using?
Posted by hooji on Nov. 20 2003,11:24
Yes, you are right. Apt-get can tell you what dependencies you need to meet. Another strange issue is when I was installing Apache on DSL 0.4.10 by apt-get, I was asked to install Perl or Perl5. I added it, but one error appeared and said:

perl depends perl-base 5.6.1-7 but perl-base 5.8.0-15 to be installed.

I am using DSL 0.4.10, but how did you install it successfully. Look forward to your kind answer

Posted by KevB on Nov. 20 2003,12:53
"apt-get install apache" worked just fine for me, but remember it was 0.4.8 DSL.
Posted by hooji on Nov. 20 2003,15:56
I found cause, the latest DSL uses a newer perl-base than standard package from Debian FTP. I uninstall it and use apt-get to reinstall it, it is OK
Posted by Asmodeus on Nov. 21 2003,05:18
I use Synaptic as a package manager

apt-get install synaptic

Posted by KevB on Nov. 21 2003,12:18
Synaptic is good, but surely it wouldn't have sorted out that problem with perl-base?
Posted by hooji on Nov. 21 2003,13:50
I also found DSL remove fileutils package from KNOOPIX (though it is a empty package). This makes it difficult to install application which depends on this package, e.g. PHP4. How can I get this empty package (not the package from Debian FTP)?
Posted by armyoffoad on Nov. 21 2003,17:09
can someone help a noob understand how to install an app I have on a disk into dsl? I am clueless and this bow is not on the internet yet. I want to install the Linux client version of the folding@home console.
Posted by KevB on Nov. 21 2003,19:53
Not sure really what your asking, and you would have been starting a new thread anyway. Installation instructions are on the folding@home website which I guess is where you downloaded the file from. If you need to know how to mount a floppy and copy files across look for a linux tutorial on, and maybe buy yourself a book on Linux, there's a whole lotta stuff to learn!
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