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started by: h0nus

Posted by h0nus on Aug. 02 2006,07:37
hi all

i am having some trouble with apt-get and synaptic...

how am i supposed to upgrade anything if i have to disable PCMCIA card services to do it?! that's my only way of connecting to the internet!!!

what do i do?

now i am also having issues with dpkg EVERY time I try to install a package with apt-get or synaptic... i get a pop-up box that says "ERROR" and "Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an erro code (1)".

I've had DSL less than 24 hours and it's already pissing me off... can anyone help me?


Posted by u2musicmike on Aug. 02 2006,14:19
I tried apt-get with my HD install and it wanted me to install all kinds of stuff just to install the package that I picked out.  I have had better luck using the .dsl packages with my HD install.  Hopefully you can find the software that you want using the Mydsl gear icon.
Posted by h0nus on Aug. 02 2006,17:56
I just did a totally fresh HD install to correct any errors that might have occurred when I was grabbing packages, and i am still getting an error on subprocess 'dpkg'.

mydsl works great, but some packages like 'make' aren't found there and i need them.

is there any way i can just reinstall or update dpkg (without having to do a full upgrade, as that stops pcmcia support and thus, my internet connection)?

thanks again

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Aug. 02 2006,19:10
`make` is included in the various gcc* package.

You might want to visit the myDSL webpage so you can find things easier.

Posted by h0nus on Aug. 03 2006,07:59
checked out mydsl site, pretty much the same as the gui you can call up on the menu...

the problem is that i cannot install anything because dpkg isn't working corectly-- even on fresh install. Something about a broken pipe.

Anyone familiar with this?

Posted by u2musicmike on Aug. 03 2006,15:06
Have you read about apt-get in the Wiki.  I am sorry that I don't have the link but it had all of the details that I used for setting up apt-get.  It worked for version 2.2 but I haven't tried it on newer versions of DSL.
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