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Topic: Synaptic's gone every reboot
started by: The Music Man

Posted by The Music Man on Aug. 20 2006,13:35
Hi, when I reboot my frugal-installed DSL, the Synaptic icon is gone from the desktop, and when I click synaptic in the Apps menu, it downloads and installs itself again. What files do i have to add to the .filetool.lst file to save Synaptic at shutdown? My backup is at hda2 and i've added restore=hda2 to the boot line in grub's menu.lst. All my other files restore fine at every boot.
Posted by mikshaw on Aug. 20 2006,14:34
Synaptic is a myDSL extension.  You will need that and apt (dsl-dpkg)

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If you don't know how to save your extensions, refer to the page that is loaded with the dillo browser, and to the wiki.

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