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started by: TravMan1963

Posted by TravMan1963 on Aug. 26 2006,17:52

I'm curious as to what actually happened here...

I was using terminal/bash.... (this would have been DSL 3.0) I typed in Links
the message not installed displayed (I think) - then links proceded to download and install... ok... that's cool..

but what really happened - was this an apt-get... or what exactly?

I was able then to place the file (I think it had a .icu extension?)
into my \mydsl directory on my hard drive - and it auto loads it into 'my dsl' fluxbox menu on reboot.

About uninstalling
With links - if I wanted to uninstall it - is it as easy as removing the file from the \mydsl directory - (this would be true for a frugal or no install... - but different for a 'full install' - that would entail removing files from /home/dsl/.prog name ... right - or is there more to it that that?)

comments on install types:

I use both a full install (2.xx) - and a frugal install (3.xx)-and live cd (whatever suits my fancy at the time - mostly it's the 1st 2 - in m$ virtual pc) I think I like the frugal better - since most everything goes into the backup tarball - and is easily portable.  However I did notice that my (backup)file created with DSL 2.0 - isn't fully compatible with 3.0 - particularly with SLIT.

I like to ramble too much don't I :)  (Maybe it partially comes from running 2 DSL's and XP all at the same time :p)


Posted by mikshaw on Aug. 26 2006,19:20
Links in DSL is a script that launches /opt/links/links (links.uci) if it's installed.  If it's not installed the script downloads and installs links.uci from the mydsl repository.

With ANY type of install a *.uci extension is umounted when you shut down.  Since you have it in the mydsl directory it is automatically mounted during startup. Removing it from mydsl will prevent it from being mounted, unless you happen to move it to the top level of your DSL installation.  The files in /home/dsl are usually just user config files.  They can be removed or left alone, whichever you prefer.

As far as backups in relation to different versions of DSL, there are usually changes made which affect certain files, most significantly with major version upgrades.  Roberts has been letting us know which files may be affected with each release announcement.

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