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Topic: geoip - oldstable/stable question...
started by: cuna

Posted by cuna on Sep. 09 2006,14:04
OK, I'm very new to Linux.

I have a question. Please correct me at any point, I'm probably wrong on some of my assumptions anyway.

From what I've been able to figure out, I think that DSL is based on Debian Woodie... Right?

Hence apt-get points to: deb < > oldstable main non-free contrib

I want to install geoip but it isn't listed on oldstable, it is only listed on stable and tetsing. If I were to try installing it from stable and/or testing.... Could I break DSL? I'm concerned on breaking dependancies and then not being able to install other things.

Thanks in advance :)

Posted by WDef on Sep. 20 2006,11:30
I assume you have a traditional hd install if you're concerned about breakage.  Use frugal install instead and you won't have these worries.

Why not test geoip on a live cd first?  Then you'll know.

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