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Topic: apt-get install make fails
started by: Nick_Stone

Posted by Nick_Stone on Dec. 18 2006,18:10

I'm trying to install make.
I've already installed gcc. wich is ok.
but when i try installing make using; apt-get install make
i get the error:
Trying to overwrite /bin/chmod

and later.

/usr/bin/dpkg error code (1)

the errors apparantly occured during installation of fileutils

Suggestions anyone? please.....

Posted by cmanb on Dec. 18 2006,23:23
How are you running DSL?  LiveCD? Hard drive install?

Did you load gnu-utils.unc before trying to install?

Posted by Nick_Stone on Dec. 19 2006,06:33
Running from harddrive.
Ran the "Upgrade to gnu utils" from Apps-->Tools

hmm.... Think I got it to work now though....
The thing is. I was trying to install it through apt-get and synaptics, wich didn't work. But when I ran it through MyDSL Extensions it worked perfectly.
(Thought I might say that in here in case anybody else tried it the other way and failed)

Thanks anyway.

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