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started by: SCOEIT

Posted by SCOEIT on Dec. 20 2006,03:45
I'm running DSL to use one particular application (ICA Client).  I've downloaded and installed that app, but to get it to work I have to download and enable gnu-utils through this procedure:

Start MyDSL, go to System, select gnu-utils
Download gnu-utils, then load
Right click desktop, select Apps, Tools and Enable
Then as the superuser from a command line run
apt-get update, then apt-get install cpio libxaw6

My app then works fine.

When I remaster, using the how to on this site, the app install made it to the remaster, but the gnu-utils are not loaded by default on start.  I have to run through the procedure listed above, and the app works fine.

Can someone tell me how I get the gnu-utils to be loaded and enabled by default in the remastered CD?


Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Dec. 20 2006,04:02
Check the remastering threads on how to add existing extensions to the image.

If you are using the unc version, you could load that before copying over /KNOPPIX (see later/end of meo's thread).

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