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started by: och

Posted by och on Dec. 21 2006,16:49
I am still working with my Frugal install of DSL 3.0 and I still have a hard time trying to get once again what I managed to get very easily three months ago on another computer.
I would like my apt-get installations to be persistent over reboots. Is here another way than, for example, putting /usr/bin in .filetool.lst?

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Dec. 21 2006,18:07
save the .deb's somewhere
then add dpkg -i file.deb in /opt/

Posted by och on Dec. 23 2006,13:19
is there an equivalent to for the shutdown, so that I can write a script saving the deb's?
Posted by roberts on Dec. 23 2006,15:51
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