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started by: SCOEIT

Posted by SCOEIT on Dec. 24 2006,23:01
I'm new to Linux, and struggling.

I need to run /usr/lib/ICAClient/wfcmgr after boot from a remastered CD

To do this after reboot I have to Enable Apt.

I'm doing this automatically by putting 'sudo dkpg-restore' in the .xinitrc file

I also have to run these two commands from a shell:
'apt-get update'
'apt-get install cpio libxaw6'

I've tried to get these two commands to run automatically on reboot by putting them in the .xinitrc as well, without effect.

How can I get these commands to run automatically after reboot?


Posted by roberts on Dec. 25 2006,19:02
You could put dsl-dpkg.dsl or dsl-dpkg.unc either inside your remaster, or use the mydsl directory and it will autoload at boot time. You should save your deb package(s) and use the dpkg-i your_pkg_name.deb to install them, this command could be placed in /opt/bootlocal.sh. This way you won't need to enable-apt or to download everytime with apt-get install(s)
Posted by SCOEIT on Dec. 25 2006,20:56

I do have the dsl-dpkg.dsl in the MyDSL directory on the remaster, which I thought would fix the issue, but is not.

Where are the deb packages downloaded to where do I save them?  I looked for them and was not successful - probably because of my linux stupidity.

Thanks for responding - with your help I think I'm getting there.

Posted by roberts on Dec. 25 2006,21:03
You can find all of your downloaded debs in

Posted by SCOEIT on Dec. 25 2006,21:18

Thanks - I assume I can save them anywhere so long as I reference where they are in the dpkg-i your_pkg_name.deb command?

Thanks - hope you're having a nice holiday.

Posted by SCOEIT on Dec. 26 2006,21:26

I added these two commands to the bootlocal.sh:
sudo dbkg -i /KNOPPIX/var/cache/apt/archives/cpio_2.4.2-39woody1_i386.deb
sudo dbkg -i /KNOPPIX/var/cache/apt/archives/libxaw6_4.1.0_-16woody6_i386.deb

It had no effect.  The settings in bootlocal.sh and the archives were there when I checked them on the remastered CD.  When I run the commands from a Xshell window on the desktop of a system started with the remastered CD they complete and the app I'm trying to use then works.  

I also tried putting them in .xinitrc - again they make it to the next remaster but have no effect.

I then created a shell script, which contains the above commands. I created an icon to run that script, and the icon made it to the NEXT remaster.  When I open the icon it runs the script and my application will then work. I don't actually see the script run, but I can hear the CD being accessed, and the ICAClient will then connect.

Apparently the commands above have to run AFTER the xdesktop finishes loading.  Is there a way to get the script to run automatically AFTER the xdesktop starts?


Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Jan. 01 2007,00:01
If anyone's looking back at this thread, the last post should be "sudo dpkg" instead of "sudo dbkg"
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