How to enable apt in dsl 3.2?

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Topic: How to enable apt in dsl 3.2?
started by: toshiba

Posted by toshiba on Jan. 26 2007,15:11
I've installed dsl 3.2 on a really old toshiba laptop. I'm pleased with it in terms of speed and hardware configuration. I would, however, like to add some apps (gtk-gnutella, xchat, iceWM, abiword...), and I wanted to enable gnu utils and apt as described in the Help-document. This guide is pointing med to tools>apps> gnu-utils/enable apps, trouble is, in my menu, these choices aren't there. I tried to re-install several times, without any change. How can I enable apt-get i dsl 3.2?
Posted by kerry on Jan. 26 2007,20:56
If you read the release note,it was dropped. You now have to get it via the mydsl icon.
Posted by toshiba on Jan. 28 2007,12:59
Thanks kerry. I found synaptic in the myDSL-browser, and saved it in /usr/share. It works! I hope the help-document will be updated, though.


Posted by ivansv on Feb. 03 2007,10:32
don't mind telling you fellows doing away with apt sucks!! downloaded synaptic but doesnt work. too bad they've ruined a good distro. adios
Posted by hillside on Feb. 03 2007,17:16
Apt isn't really done away with, it's just in a different place.  

You can easily get it through Mydsl as dsl.dpkg.  It's in the system part of Mydsl.

If you load synaptic, you'll probably need to modify the /etc/apt/sources.list file.  Where is says oldstable, remove the old.  Then I think it will work just fine.

Posted by roberts on Feb. 03 2007,22:55
Perhaps he has been running DSL v0.5.3.1. That was the last time apt and dpkg were embedded in DSL core, since v0.6 it has only been a menu item to load dsl-dpkg.dsl, and a synaptic.dsl has been around a very long time as well. The menu item in v3.2 was dropped for synaptic as it was referencing a url that is no longer available. Instead of constantly having a broken core for referencing urls, the menu item for synaptic downloader was dropped. This makes it easier to update the apt sources for both dsl-dpkg.dsl and synatics.dsl when changes are needed.

It is probably an apt sources in need of an update to point to the proper location of debian repositories.

Posted by Jason W on Feb. 07 2007,01:13
For those who may not have heard yet, Debian Woody (DSL's base distro) has been archived recently to make room for etch. Put this line in your /etc/apt/sources.list file and you are good to go:

deb < > woody main contrib non-free

Woody's apt sources should never change again.  Good news for us DSL users and those oddballs like me who still use Debian Woody as their desktop system.

Posted by dentonlt on Feb. 10 2007,20:45
Thanks for mentioning the Woody location.  I was having trouble getting "apt-get update" to work - it wouldn't find any of the other locations in sources.list.  I'm glad that I started reading here =)
Posted by sfabius on Feb. 12 2007,19:39
I am new to DSL but not Linux, having used apt from the command line in the past. What are the benefits of using apt vs. MyDSL?

I'm still getting my networking up so I haven't played around with it yet, but I'd like to know if it is more than just personal preference.

Posted by roberts on Feb. 20 2007,21:12
Thanks to Jason for the Debian archive link.
The dsl-dpkg.dsl extension in the system section of the repository has been updated.

Posted by torp on Mar. 28 2007,12:01
I added this line to my /etc/apt/sources/lst file , and i still get a raft of errors each time i try and install a pkg. Any ideas?


Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Mar. 28 2007,22:10
It's sources.list

Posted by torp on Mar. 28 2007,23:08
right. thats where i added it. sorry a typo.


Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Mar. 29 2007,13:33
Then what did you try and what errors did you get?

Make sure you do a apt-get update first as well.

Posted by torp on Mar. 30 2007,23:47
the apt-get update was the key. thanks.


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