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Topic: download error, can't "enable-apt"
started by: cuma.elp

Posted by cuma.elp on April 13 2007,04:27
after installing DSL 3.3 on my notebook, as usual, i do that "apt-get install" stuffs. but when i try to enable-apt the DSL, it fail. it says:
Code Sample
wget: server return error 404: HTTP/1.1 404 not found
Download error!

when browse, it says:

 Our RAID controller freaked out!
 We're bringing our distributions back online.

 We lost nearly 150 distributions when the array storing
 them died on the evening of April 9th.  If you own a
 distribution on, please visit to request that your directory
 be recreated.  If you have uploaded ISOs to be filed
 by our Linux keeper, please do so again.  Sorry.

 ibiblio admins
 April 12, 2007

is there any way that i can do to "enable-apt"-ing and "upgrade to GNU utils" my DSL easily. if not, please guide me step-by-step to get that. it's unusual things for me to "playing with the source. cos i'm a newbie on linux.

sorry for my bad english, hope you'll understand

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on April 13 2007,13:35
See < >
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