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started by: volcom

Posted by volcom on Sep. 04 2004,11:18
Hello !
I have problems  with apt-get command using dsl0.8.0 version. When I write apt-get command, i get back -> bash: apt-get: command not found. In previous version 0.73 i normally unpack dpkg.tar.gz in /var/lib/ and everything was ok. Now, when i am trying to unpack dpkg, tar allways stop in the middle of unpacking (dpkg/available)...and i get message `tar: Skipping to next header`. So i cannot install new packages...in older version i had a lot of problems with X-windows. Can anybody help me, please.

Posted by kevh100 on Sep. 04 2004,11:56

From the DSL desktop right click and select 'Apps' > ' Tools' > ''Enable Apt'

This will then set up apt-get and supporting tools.


Posted by ke4nt1 on Sep. 04 2004,13:00
Also, you can :

Grab the "dsl-dpkg.dsl " file from the repository,
preferably using wget or the myDSLgui desktop icon...

Install it like any other extension, either emelfm's "mydsl" button,
or run "mydsl-load dsl-dpkg.dsl" from a shell .

Keep a copy handy somewhere, for those LiveCD's ..
Or, add it to the / of your next DSL burn, and it will load automagically.


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