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started by: I went to bed very late

Posted by I went to bed very late on Sep. 06 2004,11:34
Hi, do I need apt-get and the enhanced desktop to install source? (I have no internet connection)
Posted by mikshaw on Sep. 06 2004,15:04
Are you g-string 3 from LQ?
If so, I'm sorry I wasn't more helpful....there are many things for which I still carry newbie status.
You did, however, find the right place to ask DSL questions =o)

You don't need internet to use the enhanced desktop.  If you're using 0.8.0 and not getting enhanced by default, there could be a hardware issue (very old graphics, for example)

Posted by cbagger01 on Sep. 06 2004,16:15
enhanced desktop = The little desktop icons on your screen AND the little dockapps like the mount, network usage and memory usage and volume controls on the bottom left side of your screen.

enhanced hard drive install = a hard drive installation with a download from the Internet that restores the original GNU utilities that were replaced by "busybox" to save space on the livecd.

In order to compile source, you need to either do an enhanced hd install or you can load up the gnu utils myDSL extension.  Then you need to either "enable apt", "install synaptic" or load up the dpkg dsl extension. You also need to either:

Get on to the Internet, change your /etc/apt/sources.list file to point to the "unstable" servers and then apt-get install make gcc g++

Or if you are adventurous, you can manually download the requires *.deb packages and dependencies and install them to a non-Internet computer using the "dpkg -i nameofpackage.deb" command as user 'root'

Search the forums for "gcc AND make"  search all forums and search from the beginning or newer.

Good Luck

Posted by mikshaw on Sep. 06 2004,18:06
Ah...I misread the question, as usual....
Posted by I went to bed very late on Sep. 07 2004,13:38
@mikshaw: thanks a lot for your regular replies.

@cbagger: booting linux is already very adventurous to me;).

@all: The desktop shows icons, CPU-, memory usage and volume controls.

It seems to me i do not need enhanced HARD DRIVE install.

Do I need a compiler to install source? I heard something about gcc (which is not included to DSL 0.8.0).

What is the way you install source (remember! I install source the first time)?

Posted by joe the cute on Sep. 24 2004,06:15
hello late,
gcc is a compiler(GNU compiler collection) which was originally made by Richard .M.Stallman who is the founder of Free Software Fondation.u need it to compile most of the programs in linux.since it is much easy to study and configure it is widely used by anyone who want to program(even some fellows in M$)
so u need it to compile the source....

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