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started by: WoofyDugfock

Posted by WoofyDugfock on Oct. 08 2004,10:06
Since Cbagger straightened me out (on the 'My DSL' sub-board) on saving apps obtained via Synaptic I have been amusing myself downloading & saving a few apps.

I thought it might be useful to report what runs/otherwise straight from app-get via Synaptic & other comments here.
Others might want to do the same?
I'm using dsl toram liveCD boot.



Pan - decent usenet newsreader - has decent gui too

tkWorld - gui "cheat" for *nix commands - if you're lazy or new.

cdrtoaster - gui front-end for cd burning & ripping. Ugly as hell but full featured. Somewhere it says you have to recompile the kernel to burn to ATAPI cdr(w).
Guess what kind of burner I have?

Xshipwars - net game - haven't tried logging onto server yet.


GPA - gui front-end for GnuPG. Looks good & is simple but doesn't remember that I just made a public key with its key manager and doesn't have any button for conventional (ie symmetric) encryption (for which you can type a few things in a shell anyway but it would be nice if they had bothered with an appropriate button).
The comments about it on the GnuPG website do not inspire confidence eg "not everything works".

tkpgp - another gui front end for gnupg and also pgp.
Many complex features but NOT AT ALL newbie friendly (poorly thought through), in fact I can't work it out.
Insists that I do not have a tmptkpgp.asc output file on my selected temp directory but if I create one and put it there it complains that I DO have a tmptkpgp.asc output file! What the hell is a tmptkpgp.asc file anyway? There is nothing vaguely resembling a help file or user instructions there - maybe on the web?

Sunclock - Earth showing parts in day/night, zoomable, simple graphics. Works. Unfortunately it said it was dark where I am when the sun was streaming through the window. Perhaps misreads system clock time zone, or perhaps it's my settings.

DOESN'T RUn AT ALL (do you have better luck?):

taglog - time management - errors: "can't read active somethingerutha"

XPenguins -
an army of penguins - nothing.
XPlanet - game - nothing

Posted by Additions... on Oct. 09 2004,14:50

ssystem - space flight game
bwm (Band width manager).

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