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started by: LanceHaverkamp

Posted by LanceHaverkamp on Oct. 09 2004,22:28
How am I supposed to install apt-get without apt-get?  
The packages section on the website talked about dpkg.tar.gz but didn't say where to find it, what it is or how to do anything with it.

(yea, I know it's possible, but computer users don't want spend time learning the guts of operating systems & how to compile software just to install 1 or 2 programs--I don't know how & I use Linux every day)

If apt *really* takes up too much disk space, someone who knows how should write a small bash script to go get it.



Posted by cbagger01 on Oct. 09 2004,22:46
Have you tried running the existing small bash script that goes out and gets it from the website?

It is somewhere inside the Right-Click fluxbox menu.

Try something like:

Apps -> tools -> enable apt

or Apps-> tools -> got memory and bandwidth -> get Synaptic

Or you can download and install the dpkg.dsl extension file using the instructions that were provided or the mydsl click-n-run gui.

Posted by cceinkor on Oct. 12 2004,02:34
From command line it is 'sudo dpkg-restore'
Posted by Grim on Oct. 12 2004,03:35
You know he's right though, right?  We need a FAQ or some items need to be made sticky so that we can point new users in their direction and say "Go read this".  

Make it really bright and garish so that new users are blinded by the presence of the information and veteran board members automatically adjust the brightness/contrast on their monitors before entering the forums.

Another option would be to redesign the forums so that 85% of the page is taken up by a big ing button that says SEARCH with a small disclaimer beneath it that says "or I will throw little pickles at you".

Posted by roadie on Oct. 12 2004,03:58
Grim, you took the words right outa my mouth.


Posted by Ninja on Oct. 12 2004,13:11
the picklels part?

lol but yeahthere is a general absence of sticky threads

Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Oct. 13 2004,02:59
Quote (Grim @ Oct. 11 2004,22:35)
You know he's right though, right?  We need a FAQ or some items need to be made sticky so that we can point new users in their direction and say "Go read this".

fag being constructed in feedback.

give us time. and we still need it to be stickeid...


Posted by on Oct. 17 2004,23:59
I added a wack of FAQ today, though I don't have one for apt-get yet. I'll write it up right now :)


Posted by Aiku on Oct. 18 2004,14:42
Give me a break!
An FAQ for what is already on the menu!
When you get a new system, you don't even bother
to see what's on the menu.

Will the Getting Started automatically started
and it states how to bring up the menu and
"explore your new system".

... a new low ...

Posted by on Oct. 18 2004,22:11
I'm sorry Aiku, but I didn't find that post very helpful. Maybe I need to write an FAQ on how-to make productive posts becuase alot of you just seem to put people down with posts that we would do better without. Though I agree with you on this, you could have put it in a nicer form.



P.S. I don't quite understand what you mean, though I think I got the 'jift' of it. Do you mean that no one bothers to look at the help file that loads when you start dsl (unless you edited it to not load, ofcourse :) )? Try to review your posts before posting so that you can correct mistakes, it'll make it easier for others to interpet what you have said properly. I know I make my fair share of spelling and grammer mistakes but I always make sure that my posts are understandable to the best of my ability. Sorry to be all nit-picky :)

Posted by roadie on Oct. 19 2004,07:28
Well, what I got from aiku's post is that a seemingly growing number of users don't try to learn dick all about their system.
They don't even go "click click" on the damn desktop.

Instead they run here, some even demanding help for simple things they could easily learn themselves if they'd just get their asses in gear and do it.

Yeah, I know, not a very productive post and guess what? I don't give a rat's ass.

Anyone have trouble interpretting this?


Posted by Aiku on Oct. 19 2004,19:18
Somerville, At least I don't post personal attacks. Maybe my english is not so good. My post was to complain about the obvious not directed towards an indivdual.

However using your logic... you are writing stuff for people who refuse to read the first document one sees when they boot up a new system. Sounds like a GREAT idea - not!

Gee, how do I move a mouse?
How many clicks to start a program?

Oh, I know, why don't you just rewrite Getting Started and place it in the forums. As if we all don't have enough to read and learn from here.

You will also need to type each menu entry too. One may not want to read the menu either.

While you are at it post the code of each script too. Maybe, someone is too lazy to open an xterm.

You seem to be the expert as you post in every forum. Yet, you are the first to attack. I am normall a reader not a poster, Sorry if I don't want to read the obvious.

Posted by on Oct. 20 2004,01:00
You know... I am really not intrested in starting some sort of "flame war" but the way I see it is this. Windows has a lot of customers, alot of people use their operating system. I feel that a major reason why this is so, is due the fact that there is so much support no matter what size the problem is (and the fact that is internationaly marketed and promoted), but really! Alot of people do not know how to use a computer and they don't have time to figure it out on their own, people like easy and quick not hard and stressful. I know how to use a computer, why should I retain the knowledge... no matter how "big" or "small" it is. I could care less if it is the "linux way" to make people figure it out on their own, I just want to get more people onto linux. Try to put yourself in other peoples shoes, be conscientious ! I hope you can see my point of view and that it is important to make linux more user friendly to gain the ability to offer an appealing operating environment. Without the people, linux is just a bunch of code. If we really want people to see the light, then stop trying to hide it!
Posted by roadie on Oct. 20 2004,03:08
Point 1: This is'nt about "flame wars", it is'nt about :Windows", it's about people being lazy.
How hard can it be to right click on a desktop and look at the available options?
How could the developers make it any easier to install apt?

Point 2: Like aiku, I don't post often, if I do it's to offer help or in this case my opinion, which is: If someone has made an effort to find an answer on their own, I will do anything I can to help solve a problem. If however, they are asking a question that a simple search will answer, they will get no help from me.
In Linux, as in life, there are no free lunches.

Point 3: I don't know what this "linux way' you allude to is, I suspect it involves arrogance, a complete disregard for"Noobes" and a general attitude of condescension. The notion that this goes on at this site is ridiculous except for the case I will mention.

Point 4: Like you and many, many others at this and other forums, I too would like to see more people turn to Linux, unfortunately there is a learning curve involved even with an excellent distro like DSL or Feather Linux and people have to be prepared to learn and if they are not willing to "retain the knowledge" then why should anyone be willing to spoonfeed them?

Point 5: The case of seeming arrogance and condescension I spoke of? In fact the post that actually pissed me right off and made me post?
That post was yours concerning aiku's use of grammer. Totally uncalled for. Worse yet, I saw no hint of an apology in your followup post, just a smokescreen.


Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Oct. 22 2004,23:55
Gentlemen, this is not the place for flaming each other.

Take it to the PM system if you have to.



Posted by John on Oct. 23 2004,00:40
Yes, please PM each other -- or even better save it for slashdot.
Posted by on Oct. 23 2004,01:29
Thanks for the reminder but this thread has been inactive for three or four days.


P.S. PM's don't work for some reason :) I tried to send one the other day and it said I didn't enter a name to send it to but I did.... Odd, indeed.

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