dsl-dpkg.dsl gone?

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Topic: dsl-dpkg.dsl gone?
started by: ravngundersen

Posted by ravngundersen on Oct. 27 2004,13:34
/pub/Linux/distributions/damnsmall/mydsl/dsl-dpkg.dsl: No such file or directory...
Posted by ravngundersen on Oct. 27 2004,13:38
but only by ftp... Changing the dpkg-restore to use www instead worked fine.
Posted by roberts on Oct. 27 2004,14:13
It was moved, as was many of the extensions into their new home of multiple directories to help classify the growing number of them. So... There may be more of these that come up. I have made an adjustment so as not to break the apt enable on the menu, or the equivalent dpkg-restore. Hopefully, John, will make an announcement soon. If you visit the repository section please refresh your browser's cache.
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