apt-get -f install is hosed up

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Topic: apt-get -f install is hosed up
started by: dhatcher2@neo.rr.com

Posted by dhatcher2@neo.rr.com on Oct. 28 2004,18:53
I have tried to download several software packages in the last few days (KDE, Synaptic, etc) and I keep getting a message that I should run apt-get -f install. When I do that I get a string of errors. How do I copy and paste from XTerm console onto this posting so that everyone can see my errors? I have tried mouse copy/paste, ctrl-c, ctrl-v all to no avail. Obviously I can't do much until I can do the apt-get -f install so I need some help with this. I am running Feather Linux 0.6.0. Thanks.
Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Oct. 28 2004,23:23
Umm, perhaps you should try the Feather forums?

Perhaps dpkg (apt) is not installed?


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