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started by: bela

Posted by bela on April 11 2005,13:04
Hi  all,
I 've just install the DSL on HD,
It is a good idea to make a small linux to small machine !!!! It seems nice,
but how to complete it, since it is a debian-like, it has to provide apt-get , dpkg ??
I search for , but nowhere ? I want to complete the system with packages I ve downloaded fro example tetex, lyx , ....

thnak for help

Posted by mikshaw on April 11 2005,13:23
dpkg was removed from DSL and made available separately as a myDSL package:
< >

Posted by bela on April 11 2005,14:12
so how to begin , is there a package installer ?

Posted by jls legalize on April 11 2005,14:43
synaptic in the menu
Posted by bela on April 12 2005,16:33
but synaptic called apt-get and tried to install it  via internet  ( from ...)

so we are in an empty loop!!!!

how to start!!!!
maybe first, we have to  install dpkg or apt-get from source tar.gz !!!

best regards

Posted by mikshaw on April 12 2005,17:50
"mydsl-load /path/to/dsl-dpkg.dsl"
All mydsl packages can be installed in this manner.

You might also need gnu-utils for proper use of dpkg, but i'm not sure about that.

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