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started by: jamessp007

Posted by jamessp007 on April 15 2005,18:54
I have some deb  packages that are not working .  I have also heard that dsl is not completely debian campatible, rather only debian like.   can anyone confirm this for me?  anyone know another distro that is dsl-like, using fluxbox or xfce,  that is 100% debian compatible?
Posted by clivesay on April 15 2005,20:11
You're being too vague.

DSL uses the debian apt-get system to install packages. What app are you trying to install? Are you using apt-get or installing individual .deb packages?

Details please.  :D


Posted by cbagger01 on April 15 2005,22:12
The only thing that is 100% debian compatible is called "Debian".

Knoppix has a hard drive install script that will get you close enough to a pure Debian installation.  Just don't call it Debian.  It's a Knoppix HD install.

Posted by mikshaw on April 15 2005,23:38
When you say they're not working, do you mean the applications install but don't run, or do they not install?
DSL uses Busybox as a replacement for GNU utils.  Most of the tools found in Busybox are identical in their basic operation, but lack many additional options found in the original tools.  In some cases this is enough to cause failures in some programs.  Try the gnu-utils.dsl extension in a liveCD system and see if your programs will run properly with that.

Posted by reidar on April 16 2005,10:25
If you want a distro that is 100% Debian compatible, using fluxbox and/or xfce, you should install debian, the base system (no desktop environment at all), then apt-get install x-window-system and apt-get install fluxbox/xfce and all the other apps you need. I have done it myself and it works great. It is not DSL of course, but it is still quite good :-)


P.S. (if you install mdetect and read-edid before you install x-window-system (which is a meta-package), you will have some automatic hardware detection that works fine. At least it did for me.)

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