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started by: MrBear37

Posted by MrBear37 on May 02 2005,13:42
Well, a fun new weekend..  I have installed the Pre-Release version of 1.0 .  I attempted to install a couple of packages through the MyDSL app.  But that did not work.  Afterward I read the forum that said it was broken.  

 Soooo I go on and believing myself to be cleav-or, I attempt to install  the following packages :

TCL, TK, Synaptic, PHP,TCL tutor, and I believe Python.  All of that was done through synaptic.   The resultant issue was that upon reboot.. I find that I had no X windows anymore.. ( that is what I get for walking away after starting that sort of install.. Startx does not work.. the fbdev will open a graphical window but no window manager shows.. not sure exactly what happened there :(


Posted by SaidinUnleashed on May 02 2005,15:48
That's kinda what happens when you use apt to grab things.

All of those things are available as MuDSL packages, except maybe PHP and the TCL tutor.

Long story short, apt broke the X server (and probably other things too). You will probably need to back up your personal files and reinstall.


Posted by cbagger01 on May 02 2005,16:50
It seems strange that those programs would break your X-Windows system.

I'm sure that it is possible, but it doesn't make sense to me.

Did you try and install Xfree86.dsl from the mydsl repository?

Synaptic works great, but before you use it I would check to make sure that there are no selected packages that say "Xfree86...." or "X-windows..."

If so, then don't proceed and exit synaptic.

Posted by MrBear37 on May 04 2005,12:17
Hey Bagger, et al...

  Just another piece of info to add to my original post.  It appears that the file that bailed on me originally was the PHP4.
It gave an error about a broken pipe.. So I thought.. OK maybe there is something wrong with the package etc.
so I tried PHP3.. that also failed..  I did note that there was a "depends libc6"  in the dependencies.  I seem to remember something about libc issues back around version 7.4-ish.. there was a nice big long discussion about that.  needless to say.. I still dont have PHP on the system..

I did download the latest ISO and burned some new ones.. will go back and do the reinstall maybe tonight if I have some time.  I will let you know how that goes  after making the appropriate tweaks to firefox. and the LBD thingy..

peace !


Posted by noordinaryspider on May 10 2005,13:22
I had the same experience and have just been using .dsls, which works fine for my machine but is kind of limiting for my son's.

Thanks, cbagger; I was a bit intimidated by the installation instructions for XFree86.dsl and picking my battles; now I know where to go from here.

It's been awhile, but I think what broke my Xwindows must have been an office program of some sort, which I found available as a .dsl after I reinstalled or else decided I didn't really need on my little "racecar" after all.

I'd love to hear how it's going when you have time for a follow-up, Mark.

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