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started by: kagrecu

Posted by kagrecu on May 13 2005,03:47
i used apt-get install vncserver to install vncserver, but when i try to start the server i get a message saying compilation aborted at /usr/X11R6/bin/vncserver line 23.  when i try to run vncpasswd, i get a message that it cannot write the password file.  i am not using any type of storage, hdd, usb, etc.  can i still run vncserver....and other apps without having storage???
Posted by ke4nt1 on May 13 2005,03:56
Apt-get is the preferred method of installing apps to your HDInstalled DSL environment..

If your running from LiveCD/USBkey/etc..  choose the DSL repository
for installing "extensions" to enhance your live environment..

Use the myDSL icon on the desktop to install it for you.
click icon, select net, choose the vnc extension, select download.

The extension will be downloaded and installed automatically.
When completed, close the smaller windows, and right-click on the desktop
to get your menu. the vnc options will be there in mydsl.


Posted by kagrecu on May 13 2005,14:56
thanks a lot.  it works great!
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