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started by: liran

Posted by liran on June 02 2005,11:17
hey guys,

after downloading a package it seemd like i didnt have gcc/cc installed, so i got that solved with apt-get install gcc, though
now i am unable to use it since libpcap-dev isnt installed so runing apt-get install libpcap-dev dies on depedency for libc6-dev, trying to apt-get install libc6-dev dies on another dependency...

any ideas how do i solve these?
i was trying apt-get install aptitude, since i know from my debian experience that aptitude solves dependency problems better than apt-get but that failed too...

thanks in advance,

Posted by liran on June 02 2005,11:20
moreover, i have just noticed that make/make install aren't present either.
Posted by liran on June 02 2005,11:33
ok, some problems fixed:

i've updated my sources.list for testing packages (sarge) and vwalla - libpcap-dev libc6 etc
are all installed.

im now missing the compiler make utility to build source packages.
how do i resolve this?

Posted by liran on June 02 2005,12:52
another problem fixed:
`apt-get install make` solves the problem

this thread can be closed - thanks

Posted by clivesay on June 02 2005,13:22
Hi, liran.

A simplier solution is a gcc1.dsl package in the mydsl repository. Sorry I dodn't see this thread earlier!


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