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started by: KezzerDrix

Posted by KezzerDrix on Sep. 22 2005,22:47
Considering adding DSL to my laptop hardrive, does DSL hook into the debain repository? or does it have a seperate repository?  Is there a link to this repo? Will standard debs work on dsl?
Posted by friedgold on Sep. 23 2005,02:43
There is no DSL repository. When you re-enable apt it will download packages from the Debian repositories. The default is to use oldstable (woody). If you want you can change the sources.list to point to stable (sarge) or even testing/unstable.

The majority of the time you'll have no problems installing from debs. However as DSL is not pure Debian (there are a number of additions which are not debian packages) you might may very ocassionally run into conflicts/issues.

Posted by Guest on Sep. 23 2005,13:27
Don't forget the MyDsl repository of .dsl extensions.

Click Mydsl on your dsl desktop while on the net.

There was a web-based link but I can't find it now -- where is it??

Posted by adssse on Sep. 23 2005,14:10
mydsl repository:
< >

It is recommended to use apt if your using a hd install and to use the mydsl extensions for a frugal install, live cd etc.

Posted by friedgold on Sep. 23 2005,17:59
Quote (Guest @ Sep. 23 2005,14:27)
Don't forget the MyDsl repository of .dsl extensions.

Heh, sorry I should have said there is no DSL apt repository (thats what I meant anyway).

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