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roberts Offline

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Posted: Nov. 20 2007,15:41 QUOTE

Re: less sudo

In v3 frugal & liveCD, typically mydsl extensions were downloaded into /tmp, menus and icons in /home/dsl. It wasn't until shutdown that the user would be prompted to copy extensions to a persistent store. This afterthought of saving typically required sudo. Even the mydsl directory was something that the user had to manually create by issuing commands. This had to be done before they could experience the auto loading of extensions.

In v4, the first use of mydsl=xy creates the mydsl folder and on the specified partition with proper permissions The mydsl folder is the container for all files related to mydsl extensions, including the "app run" shortcuts, be it .app generic icon or the specific xpm icon based. Because the role the mydsl folder plays in v4 is so different, so important and has "user".staff permissions, I was able to drop the sudo required during mydsl downloading.  The use of the mydsl folder is similar to the use of the  mydsl menu includes of both jwm and fluxbox.  Better separation and consistentacy of handling extensions makes for smoother operation and cleanup. Most of the restructuring that I did in v4.0 and finished in v4.1 allows for much more flexibility, including the user=name boot option.

FYI: There still may be some redundant sudos.
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bwh1969 Offline

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Posted: Nov. 22 2007,03:16 QUOTE

DSL 4.0 !!!
I have used various 2.x to 3.x versions... decided to see what the next whole number would offer.  I have a very old PII 200 MHz with 96 MB ram... had DSL 3.4 on it for a while, but put Xubuntu on it for more flair, but was really disappointed with the speed... almost not usable.  

Used DSL 4.0 live and liked it so much that I made a new small partition, did a tohd= and then hand made a grub entry to my menu.lst [already installed with xubuntu] and viola!

Liking the ICEWM style window manager.  Liking the fact that the wireless was easier to get going, and liking how easy it is to add a desktop shortcut to the desktop.  Also like the menu, and the folders on the desktop with the menu items inside.  

Very very nice and I am actually using the PII laptop to make this message.  This Fujitsu Lifebook is the most durable computer I have ever owned.  Can't bear to throw it away!  I am pleased it is usable again.  Actually boots in a reasonable time also.
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JohnJS Offline

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Posted: Nov. 24 2007,16:13 QUOTE

Ver 4.1rc2:

Noticed an 'unmentioned" benefit has been added.

On Exit you now have the choice to backup or not.

Thanks roberts.
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TTK=Teobromina_Tool_Kit Offline

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Posted: Dec. 04 2007,18:53 QUOTE

Quote (roberts @ Nov. 18 2007,13:43)
DSL v4.1 I have made the window manager the default right click menu.

Thanks. This is making the desktop more easy to use. :)

I am now changing to v 4.1


"What you do, do quickly." (John 13:27). Visit my page:
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Tim-O Offline

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Posted: Jan. 26 2008,15:58 QUOTE

Quote (TTK=Teobromina_Tool_Kit @ Nov. 19 2007,15:32)
I understand the new desktop based on documents instead of applications, but right now it is more difficult to me, because my way to work with computers is to choose which application I want to use to open a kind of document. Again I know it is a matter of time.

I also work this way!

When I installed DSL3.4 on my old Toshiba 2515CDS laptop (96MB RAM, 12GB hard drive, 267MHz proc) I was delighted because it (1) recognized the MyEssentials PCMCIA card (2) recognized my Fuji 6900Z digital still camera on the USB port (3) recognized my RCA Small Wonder camcorder on the USB port (4) recognized my USB flash drives (5) had a nifty Mount/Unmount application in the lower-right corner of the screen (6) had icons on the screen for starting an X-Term, Firefox browser, the simple-to-use Emelfm file manager, the myDSL extension tool with the LOAD LOCAL option to get the gcc compiler running (hint, hint, why isn't this in the base distribution?).

I also am "lost" with DSL4.2.4 which I've been trying for a couple days now. I can't even figure out how to Drag-N-Drop to get these icons back again. I'm an old programmer! Right now I'm trying DSL4.2.4 on a *much* newer HP DV9005 laptop in an attempt to run it as a LiveCD because I don't want to fiddle with my hard drive. And with the myDSL stuff I believe I can make the LiveCD concept workable for months on end, if necessary. But I pushed my USB flash drive into a port and couldn't figure out how to mount it! (FWIW, I managed to freeze the system while playing with the Change Window Manager logic. No complaint, though, since I don't expect to do this all the time.)

Please, somebody, give me step-by-step instructions on how to (1) Mount/Unmount file systems easily (2) reinstate those nice screen icons. Once those "problems" are solved I see if I can get DSL4.2.4 to work with my Broadcom 4311 WiFi chip using ndiswrapper. If not, then that's a showstopper.

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