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Question: How do you run DSL ? :: Total Votes:205
Poll choices Votes Statistics
Live CD 28  [13.66%]
Live CD with backup/restore 22  [10.73%]
frugal on CF 13  [6.34%]
not frugal but on CF 1  [0.49%]
frugal on USB pendrive 15  [7.32%]
not frugal but on pendrive 10  [4.88%]
HD install 91  [44.39%]
embedded 9  [4.39%]
other 16  [7.80%]
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neon.martini64 Offline

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Joined: Mar. 2005
Posted: Mar. 08 2005,17:51 QUOTE

Quote (ke4nt1 @ Mar. 07 2005,16:57)
neon.martini64 ,
If your running from the liveCD, try booting
with the toram option, and the dma enabled
Type   " dsl dma toram "   at the boot: prompt ..

Also , If you have an ext2 or fat32 partition,
copy over the dirs/files ( specifically, KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX )
from the CD to your partition, then type at boot..
" dsl dma toram fromhd=/dev/hdXx "  Xx = your partition

Much improved performance with these options.
With your box specs, DSL should scream..



Thanks for the suggestion, I will give it a whirl and let ya know how it works.

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cbagger01 Offline

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Joined: Oct. 2003
Posted: Mar. 09 2005,22:54 QUOTE


Yes, this command does work with DSL, and it also works from an NTFS partition.

However, you can only use it if you are booting from the DSL livecd boot prompt.  You cannot use it when booting from a bootfloppy.


Because the boot floppy minirt does not contain the needed files like the NTFS driver and the bootup script needs to temporarily access the \KNOPPIX\KNOPPIX file on the livecd before it can start using the *.iso file on your C:\ drive.
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noordinaryspider Offline

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Joined: Feb. 2005
Posted: April 24 2005,15:50 QUOTE

I can't remember if I posted on this thread before or not, but things are always changing. ;)

I now have two HD installs; I love 'em but they're new, so I'm still experimenting. The first is on my very old, very faithful Gateway PII and the second is on my very cheap but fast Compaq; I partitioned the Compaq with a huge FAT32 partition for my stuff to make uninstalling and reinstalling the operating system a breeze so I don't have to worry about my "learning curve".

I frequently use the live CD on my Mandrake machine because I have a life and sometimes get tired of waiting for all that eye candy to load on a 400Mhz processor.

I'll also be running from CD on my NEW (as of last night) Slackware machine  so that the hardware is still usable while I RTFM.


My thirteen year old son was initially quite resistant to the idea of losing windoze but the games section of the myDSL repository changed that. I still think he's better off running from CD right now and will probably graduate him to a frugal before I do a full HD install.

Sorry,  I don't do windows.
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Posted: June 20 2005,21:36 QUOTE

I just booted the live cd first time for real (QEMU doesn't count!!) :) and I'm blody surprised.

I went to here to send a message: THIS IS GREAT.

My actual problem is that every character in the keyboard is IN POSITION (under other linux distros and windows i have problems with it due i'm Hungarian and I have to swithch between US/HU keyboard. Not anymore.

Dillo is FAST. And I mean it. I never meet so good distro (not even Knoppix can beat it) And it is small.
Now its time to expand my horizont :)

thank you.

oh I almost forgot: the mouse wheel is working without a glitch on my notebook. And I love it.

time for check the video driver section due i have a sis650 which never gets supported on linux, even if Thomas Winischofer finishes his code...
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Posted: Sep. 11 2005,22:15 QUOTE

I run DSL primarily as a Mythtv frontend on my old K6-2 500Mhz box. BTW, how does one post a desktop screenshot? I got it working with lirc, Xfree, gcc in a dual monitor configuration.

Great little distro, I plan on doing a remaster with Mythtv included.
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