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Topic: X problems with nforce boards, it's a known issue. blame nvidia< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
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Posted: Oct. 10 2005,19:10 QUOTE

If you own a nVidia nForce board (any version) Xvesa will not work while you have an ethernet cable plugged in to the onboard LAN port.

We do not know why this is. Do not ask us to fix it, because it is not a DSL-specific issue. Even using Xfree86 or, the vesa module DOES NOT WORK on nForce boards, at least as long as there is something plugged into the onboard LAN port.

There are three (3) solutions for you to choose from to allieviate this problem.

1. Unplug the cable from the back of the computer every time you boot DSL.

This works, but is impractical because you have to replug the lan then run the DHCP client, and if you have to kill X for any reason, you have to unplug it again.

2. Use Xfbdev instead of Xvesa.

Use one of the cheatcodes like fb800x600, or start a custom framebuffer with one of the vga=xxx cheatcodes, the run and choose Xfbdev. There are a few downsides to this too, because Mplayer and other high-intensity X apps do not like Xfbdev, but if all you need is some GUI lovin', then this should work for you.

3. Install Xfree86.dsl and use the nv or nvidia (with the additional nvidia.dsl) driver. (RECOMMENDED SOLUTION)

With this solution, you get normal 2d acceleration (nv driver) or full 3d acceleration (nvidia driver).

Please do not post topics on the nforce/Xvesa issue.


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Quick Reply: X problems with nforce boards

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