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jhsu Offline

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Joined: Mar. 2007
Posted: Nov. 18 2007,01:16 QUOTE

How can I get Firefox to STOP asking me if I want to save my password?  In the interest of security, I'd prefer that passwords NOT be saved.

Also, what files/directories should I add to the .xfiletool.lst file under /home/dsl to stop Firefox from saving my history and the web sites I have visited between boots?  I believe that files "history.dat", "cookies.txt", and "formhistory.dat" and the cache directory should be included.  Any others?

Current cheatcodes:
kernel /boot/linux24 root=/dev/hda1 quiet vga=normal noacpi noapm nodma noscsi frugal home=hda3 opt=hda3 restore=hda3 root=hda3
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jpeters Offline

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Posted: Nov. 18 2007,02:25 QUOTE

Go into Edit/Preferences/Privacy: Settings/Clear Private Data.  I set mine to clear when closing Firefox.
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WDef Offline

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Joined: Sep. 2005
Posted: Nov. 18 2007,03:41 QUOTE

I think jhsu wants:

Edit/Preferences/Privacy/ uncheck 'Remember Passwords'

Re: I think downloads.rdf might be where the history of downloads done in FF is stored.

If you're concerned about this probably best to back up nothing but your bookmarks, plugins and extensions relevant files, and prefs.js (or is it user.js?).

You can encrypt your backup but bear in mind that, since the backup encryption in dsl was switched to bcrypt, the backup is written to the device in plaintext before being overwritten, supposedly (according to bcrypt) 'securely', though 100% data destruction these days can't be guaranteed.   Don't rely on this for mission critical privacy, it is a serious design flaw in bcrypt's code that means there is no alternative but to use it this way.   You'd be much better off moving back to a dsl version with 3des encryption and a good long gobbledegook password; that earlier backup implementation did not have this flaw.
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john.martzouco Offline

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Joined: Nov. 2007
Posted: Dec. 08 2007,21:05 QUOTE

Is there a setting that will tell Firefox to stop warning me about entering and leaving Encrypted Pages permanently?  My choice to not be alerted doesn't get persisted between Firefox sessions.  Every time I restart FF, I have to skip past these dialogs all over again.

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stupid_idiot Offline

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Joined: Oct. 2006
Posted: Dec. 09 2007,00:24 QUOTE

This might be of use:
1. In the URL bar, type 'about:config'.
2. Then, use 'security.warn' as the filter. This will show the settings  concerning security warnings. You can toggle the settings between 'true' and 'false'.
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