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roberts Offline

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Posted: June 24 2008,19:21 QUOTE

I am asking for these two new threads so as to have a specific place to discuss dslcore and dslcore extensions.

I feel dslcore witll have a long alpha cycle, as well as a long release candidate cycle.

The first alpha cycle will be to test and discuss the core elements and possible upgrades, reconfiguration(s), and or inclusion of additional elements. As well as start a separate discussion on how to handle core extensions.

I am leaning on keeping .dsl and .tar.gz to work in dslcore, just so that an initial trasition is easier, but will likely drop in favor or .tlz?
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clivesay Offline

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Posted: June 24 2008,20:50 QUOTE

That sounds good. I figured this would be a long cycle.

Staying with the dsl and tar.gz is probably good for now but I vote to make the change you suggest, At some point, we will probably want a different extension type just to differentiate the core from the other editions.

Looking very forward to the alphas, RS.
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mikshaw Offline

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Posted: June 25 2008,19:19 QUOTE

Until such time when the dslcore topic might be created, I suppose this thread should be the place to talk about it?

This is an extension issue, though....
If you continue to use the murgaLua library + Lua + FLTK, I assume FLTK headers will still need to be available in order to build FLTK applications.  I started building a new FLTK extension (1.1.9) a while ago, but put it on hold when the murgaLua lib development started.  The current state is the default FLTK build such as the uci made for 1.1.7, but I have a question about what changes might need to be made in order to build FLTK apps that use the dynamic FLTK library rather than including it statically in the app (it seems that is the default behavior).  Does the FLTK mydsl package need to be built in a special way, or do you need to tweak the build process for subsequent FLTK applications?  In either case, could someone school me on the process?

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curaga Offline

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Posted: June 25 2008,20:26 QUOTE

No need to change anything, as if both static and shared libs are available shared is used by default.
Building FLTK you do need to specify you want the shared lib, 'cause their default behavior is static only.

There's no such thing as life. Those mean little jocks invented it ;)
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florian Offline

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Posted: June 25 2008,21:30 QUOTE

FLTK headers will still need to be available in order to build FLTK applications.

I will make available next week a fltk-dev extension, containing: the FLTK headers, fltk-config (script sometimes required by few Makefile of some FLTK apps), the FLUID visual interface builder, and FLDEV which a tiny FLTK-based C/C++ IDE.
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