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Topic: How can I get lirc working on a frugal install?, best/easiest way to approach this.< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
bpsg119 Offline

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Posted: Oct. 14 2007,21:55 QUOTE

Quote (curaga @ Oct. 13 2007,05:13)
Making an extension would be easier. After compiling it, and getting to work, make a file list that includes all the files lirc needs, with all paths and one per line (like you would get from "find").

Then pack it up as a .dsl: tar -cvzf lirc.dsl -T my_filelist --no-recursion --numeric-owner
Then use dsl2unc on it, to make it a unc (uses less ram): dsl2unc lirc.dsl

And now you can move this to the frame and test it..

I'm sorry if this should be obvious, but is there an easy way to find out what files a program(in this case lirc) are needed for it to work?  

I know some, but don't know if it is everything I need.
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Juanito Offline

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Posted: Oct. 15 2007,05:29 QUOTE

It depends on how you got lirc in the first place:

1. From a debian package
Code Sample
$ dpkg -L package_name > filelist

2. By compiling lirc
Code Sample
$ make
$ touch mymarker
$ sudo make install
$ sudo find / -not -type 'd' -cnewer mymarker | grep -v "\/proc\/" | tee filelist
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curaga Offline

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Posted: Oct. 16 2007,15:50 QUOTE

Or if you put it into it's own prefix, like /opt/lirc, just do a "find /opt/lirc"..

There's no such thing as life. Those mean little jocks invented it ;)
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robc Offline

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Posted: Oct. 16 2007,20:15 QUOTE

I too am trying to get lirc to work with DSL.
So far I have been able to get lirc 0.8.1 installed with all the dependencies but I don't have the modules.

I can run the lircd daemon but I cannot send/receive/record any IR on any device. I get this error:

modprobe: modprobe: Can't locate module char-major-61
mode2: error opening /dev/lirc
mode2: No such device

After some searching it seems this is caused from not having the lirc modules loaded, and since I don't even have them then I can't load them.

The lirc deb package that I am using is from iguanaIR, since I am using their hardware.

So, it looks like I need to compile these modules.
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^thehatsrule^ Offline

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Posted: Oct. 16 2007,21:24 QUOTE

That looks more like it caused by /dev/lirc not existing..?
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Quick Reply: How can I get lirc working on a frugal install?

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