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nucpc Offline

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Posted: Mar. 02 2004,21:43 QUOTE

Just hoping someone can help with this....

Up to 0.6.0 I've been doing little remasters of DSL CD's (basically
just opening the KNOPPIX file and copying stuff into /usr/bin,
/usr/lib etc) to squeeze on a few more apps and then remaking
the iso. In particular (for simple fortran) f2c and tcc was a winner...

Having converted a prog.f with f2c,

tcc -lf2m -lm prog.c

would happily compile it (with etc squeezed on as well), without
need to link to libstdc++-3-libc6.1-2-2.10.0 explicitly, and everything
ran sweetly.... In 0.6.+ I see you can now "tcc prog.c" without problem
but all of my f2c conversions won't compile anymore......

The tcc in 0.6.+ appears to need another library path with these fortran
conversions and gives undefined symbol errors for `s_wsle', `do_lio',
`e_wsle' etc. These are errors I recognise but I just can't stop them.
If I try to replace the tcc (and /usr/lib/tcc/*) with the older versions, complains about unrecognised file types and if I knock out
absolutely everything and try to copy in all the old tcc stuff
I get `__libc_csu_init' etc undefined...

Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated.....

PS. I don't know if its just the business card CDs I'm using but typically
I can get f2c and all its libraries, ogle, xmgr, latex2rtf, an old copy of
xv and few other bits and pieces (making a 52M iso) still to fit onto
the mini-CD. Very nice indeed, and everything goes back to running in
the ram....
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roberts Offline

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Posted: Mar. 04 2004,20:51 QUOTE

Don't know if I can help you with f2c but the traditional "Hello World" program in DSL 0.6+  only needs to link using the following:
   tcc -o hello -lc hello.c
It will then produce a stand alone binary.
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Posted: Mar. 05 2004,14:59 QUOTE

Thanks for the reply. I'm afraid its actually the nice new libc
and linker that's upsetting my old stuff, but I'm (hopefully)
getting close to having the old version of tcc working with
newer DSL......obviously ditching fortran might one day be
the way forward.......

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Quick Reply: f2c with tcc in 0.6+

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