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Qwert Offline

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Joined: Oct. 2005
Posted: Oct. 17 2005,22:11 QUOTE

I have my DSL on a 128mb usb-pendrive...and I can go everywhere with my system!

It's too cool! :laugh:

I can make everything with this little distro and his MyDSL extension! It's simply beautiful! :D
I love it :cool:
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humpty Offline

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Joined: Sep. 2005
Posted: Oct. 23 2005,11:19 QUOTE

Wanted an OS with the following;

* Able to just switch off the PC without waiting for shutdown.

* Real add-on apps preferably without messy install.

* Core OS must always be 'clean' (not messed up by apps).

* Portable with excellent Hardware detection.
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loell Offline

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Joined: July 2005
Posted: Oct. 24 2005,04:03 QUOTE

My pc keeps on shutting down with winxp, due to my crapy mother board. i've searched for distros that can help me

and I found dsl, since then, i became obssesed with it. :)
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TravMan1963 Offline

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Joined: Nov. 2005
Posted: Nov. 20 2005,01:24 QUOTE

I started learning about Linux - about a year ago... when I took a college course.  Having run win95 (and prior to that a Commodore 64 + 128-D)... guess you could say I just have a curiosity about computers - and - like the Commodores - DSL is a little distro - that rox!  

emelfm looks simliar to some of those old disk aps... vim and nano are similar to... I think the word processor was 'SpeedScript'...  then along came GEOS..(like 'windows')... and the little pc's performance really suffered... I discoved long ago that a light and bloat free OS and well written code (as well as being in ROM (or RAM with DSL)) = a much more responsive system!

I also have 2 older pcs - a 166 3gb/64MB and a 200mhz --- the 166 runs win98 and firefox ----- so SLOWLY --- that's one of the main reasons I've been working with DSL - wanted something light and fast... (the to ram option isn't availible for that machine - but I've tried it on my 1.5 Ghz 1GB pc --- and... u get the idea...)

I've tried a few distros - Red Hat, Ubuntu, Knoppix, Goblin, Gentoo, and DSL...  learned on Red Hat @ School... like Knoppix and DSL at home.  'Back in the day' (when I had the Commodores running) - everything was command line -or you had to write your own programs (I did quite a 'bit' of that)..(the BASIC interpreter and OS are in ROM - ) - so - this is kinda 'takes me back'... although Linux is mucho bigger - another neat aspect is that it is so customizeable - and STABLE

--- the more I use it - the more I like it....this little distro called DSL - 'phenomenal cosmic power in a itty bitty living space'.

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Sir Lunch-a-lot Offline

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Joined: June 2005
Posted: Nov. 26 2005,20:52 QUOTE

Well, I had got a few live cd distros from a teacher of mine at school, and was interesting in putting linux on my hard drive so that I could learn more about it, and actually use it. Only trouble was, these live cd's were not made so that installing would be feasible.

Mepis was recommended to me by a friend, but, having dial up, I coulnd't download that ourself. And even our school's highspeed was having issues downloading it.

So, when I went hunting for a different distro, I looked for two things:

-Reasonably Small.
-Easy to install.

And When I came across DSL, the reviews I read commented on its ease of installation. And, since it was only 50 megs, I figured I could download it in an afternoon (with download resuming software, of course). I was quite pleased with it when I installed it. It was a very painless install.

I will (hopefully) be getting Mepis on Monday, but I still intend to keep DSL. It's great for learning some of the basics of Linux on, and... yeah, its just great.

I got an older PIII computer from our school library (They were going to recycle the computer, but since I was interested, they said I could have it). I installed DSL, put a few games on it, and gave it to my sister.
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