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casestheorm Offline

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Posted: June 30 2004,12:38 QUOTE

Help! I am new to linux totally, this is my first OS tried. I have made a nice nmap.dsl file, thanks to the wonderful tutorial here, and now I am not sure what to do with it. Copying everything off the original DSL cd, adding the nmap.dsl file to the root directory and re-burning doesnt seem to work, and the mkmydsl doesnt work either - it comes up with the error Uh oh, I cannot find the boot catalog directory 'KNOPPIX'. I have noticed that in the temp directory that its trying to make the .iso from, there are some files with the name 'knoppix; - does it matter about them being lowercase? I am soooo close, please help! :)
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ke4nt1 Offline

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Posted: July 02 2004,13:23 QUOTE

Several options here...
Please Note..
Copying the files from a DSL cd to another cdr does not make a bootable DSL cd.

1. burn your .iso image to a cdr in session-at-once mode ( mode 1 multisession )
  then a second burn containing your .dsl files in either the / or /optional folder.

2. in windows, use an iso program like ultraiso or winiso to add the folders and          
   files, making a new .iso file from the original one.

3. If you are using DSL 0.7.1, you can use emelfm's mydsl button to load the .dsl file.
..highlight it and click the mydsl button.

4. If you are using DSL 0.7.0, use can type 'mydsl-load' in a shell, and load a
   .dsl file.  follow prompts and examples...

5. If you are familiar with mkisofs and cdrecord, you can burn your cdr using
  the '-multi ' function, make a new small .iso with your .dsl files and folders in it,
  and burn a second session with the "-msinfo" function to ADD the .iso to your cdr.

6. During boottime, you also have the mydsl= option ,
    which tells DSL what partition your .dsl file is located in
   ( you still need the .dsl's in the / or /optional of your chosen partition, for example " dsl mydsl=hda4 "  )

7.  Also, search the forums for 'mkmydsl' ,  and get some guidance in
      using the mkmydsl script to build a new .iso file.

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