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John Offline

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Joined: Sep. 2003
Posted: June 30 2004,02:41 QUOTE

Big thanks to Ke4nt who has volunteered to assist in maintaining the repository.  He will be managing the myDSL extensions area at ibiblio.

We are working on an arrangement to receive extension contributions from users, and manage transfers to and from mydsl testing/stable areas.  Ke4nt is also going to make himself available for other contributors who would like help with extension development.

We will have an alternative to .lsm files, the details of which still need to be worked out.
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nucpc Offline

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Joined: Dec. 2003
Posted: June 30 2004,12:14 QUOTE

Many thanks for taking this on Ke4nt1 and thanks John as always. The way the DSL
project and community responds, and the sheer speed it moves at, is incredible. Head and
shoulders above all others.

If it would help I'd be happy to offer some webspace for any `tricky' packages
that might not easily go onto the repository.....

All the best.
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ke4nt1 Offline

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Posted: June 30 2004,13:07 QUOTE

( xpenguins are skating and flying around my desktop.. :)  )

Thanks for the kind words, and the opportunity to further contribute.

Work is progressing on replacing the controversial 'lsm' files
with something more descriptive, and less painful .
While credit goes where credit is due, the idea so far is to
separate the AUTHOR credit from the area where contributors
can be descriptive about their packages, and log changes to builds.

I'll soon share examples and templates with everyone as soon as
the details are nailed down.  Rather spend a extra day or two
listening to feedback, and bouncing around ideas now, than
changing the game plan mid-stream, and asking everyone to
change or modify files again.

Please feel free to send any extensions or packages that are
not yet posted up in the testing area at DSL to me.
My email for now is
Yahoo now has 100mb space, and 10 mb transfers, so
it should handle most file sizes for now..

If email or attachment size is a problem, let me know,
or use the messenger here to contact me, and I'll arrange other methods.
I'll soon have an ftp area up, with temporary short term
user/pass combos, that will be available for uploading contribs.

I'll actively grab what I can find already posted and available,
and forward them to the testing area at ibiblio.

Gettting the md5's along with the files would be helpful.

Any other thoughts? now's the time.....

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nucpc Offline

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Posts: 89
Joined: Dec. 2003
Posted: July 04 2004,11:23 QUOTE


Just a quick suggestion/idea; is there any chance of highlighting some of the .info links (in red say)
in the testing/stable repository  when the contained information is vital for the .dsl user?? A couple of
mine could do with such highlighting and I think some others would also might just a little
note at the top to say what the colour code means and Authors categorize their .info files accordingly (?).

Just a suggestion, all the best.
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Quick Reply: Ke4nt to manage the repository

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