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John Offline

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Posted: May 27 2004,05:42 QUOTE

Ibiblio has many mirrors so, eventually we should have many places to download from.

If you package an application to work with the myDSL system post a new thread about it and we'll get it into the repository.  If you want to keep your server download location private, just contact Robert or me with the download info.
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frodo Offline

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Posted: May 27 2004,11:49 QUOTE

Cool even DOOM now i need sound for my laptop 770z please anyone get this problem fixed for me I want to be with linux and not win2000

I have some requests

I want these games to work in dsl linux also

* Doom 2 (well if 1 works 2 also)
* Heretic 1 (Is a nice brother of doom)
* Hexen 1 (Is also a relative)
And emulators for Sega gamegear, master system and
if possible megadrive and any emulator about Nintendo
machines like gameboy for example

I know theres duke 3d but i don't want that for now

Oh and in aplications

* I want MSN I'll try amsn now after using win2000
* We need ICQ but we have some right!
* Pov-ray 3.5 console
* Ldraw (see and ldglite search in

I think that's all in my wanted
about my requests i don't mind if u all tell me to
get lost but I beg u all please fix my sound problem.

Oh last thing I have 128MB is it possible to
remaster the cd once i load the cd with
a game or an application?

ISO  + Mydsl software?

Thx your all great I think more than M$ tech support

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ripcrd6 Offline

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Posted: May 27 2004,15:44 QUOTE

Those are some tall orders for a minimal distro like DSL.  And what the hell do you mean by wanting MSN packaged?  You mean msn messenger?  If so , you want a package for GAIM, it handles msn and icq protocols, as well as aim.  It does irc too and would be better than the naim client currently on DSL, but a lot bigger.

As for the sound on your IBM Thinkpad 770z  look here: .   Did you at least google first before asking?  A more appropriate way of asking would be to say, I have this make/model of laptop with this sound chip, I've tried this module with these parameters and this config tool, and I got these errors or observed this behavior.  Then we don't all have to assume what you've done or tried.  That said, I stipp have a laptop w/ an OPL3sax chip in it that does not work in linux.  I have followed the OSS howto and the alsa howto.  I've also tried to compile support in the kernel for the sound driver.  NO joy.  I have tried to add boot parameters of lilo according to the howto files.  Didn't work.  This was on a Gateway Solo 2300 and the same chip in a IBM Thinkpad 380Z.

Somewhere there is a village missing an idiot.
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PhrozenFear Offline

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Posted: May 27 2004,16:15 QUOTE

These two replies would've been better suited in the Suggestions board...


73, VE6MSP

I find your lack of penguin disturbing. -- Darth Tux
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cbagger01 Offline

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Posted: May 27 2004,16:26 QUOTE


Thanks for setting up the myDSL user repository.

Hopefully, once I get my new computer up and running (Dell Poweredge 400SC Pentium 4 2.8GHz with 800MHz FSB and hyperthreading with free shipping for US $399.99) I will be able to spend some time and build a few more *.dsl's that are on my todo list.


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