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henrique Offline

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Joined: May 2004
Posted: June 04 2004,23:58 QUOTE

This one was based on icegnome2, nice2 and the bluecurve like fluxbox theme

I think it is by far more beautiful than my previous one based on nice2

and now it has a menu item to go back to fluxbox and a mydsl entry so that you can alternate between icewm and fluxbox

the link:

have fun ;-)
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AwPhuch Offline

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Joined: April 2004
Posted: June 07 2004,18:20 QUOTE

got a screenie of DSL with the new skin?


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clivesay Offline

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Joined: Dec. 2003
Posted: July 03 2004,16:19 QUOTE

Is there a way for the MyDsl menu to show up in icewm? Some programs do not have icons to transfer to the desktop.

I love how you have menu entries to go back and forth between ice and flux. Very nice!

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TyphoonMentat Offline

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Joined: Oct. 2003
Posted: July 03 2004,17:27 QUOTE

Well, I wrote a Flux to Icewm converter:

Code Sample
$inp = `cat $ARGV[0]`;
@i = split("\n", $inp);
open(FH, ">$ARGV[0].icewm");
foreach $elem (@i) {
if ($elem=~/#/) {
if ($elem=~/\[submenu\] \((.+)\)/) {
        unless ($1 eq "Styles") {print FH "menu \"$1\" \"folder\" {\n"};
if ($elem=~/\[end\]/) {
        print FH "}\n";
if ($elem=~/\[exec\] \((.+)\) \{(.+)\}/) {
        print FH "prog \"$1\" \"-\" $2\n";
close (FH);

Just give it the name of your Fluxbox menu file and it will output that file with the ".icewm" extension appended.
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Posted: July 06 2004,11:10 QUOTE


i can not get used to fluxbox, so i was glad to find icewm in the myDSL repository.
i downloaded it, put in the root of /cdrom, it worked perfect.
i did not like the nice2 theme so i got some others from themes at freshmeat. i tried then the worked well but i did not like then.

Then came icewm-blue.dsl! I downloaded it put also in /cdrom. I like it. (although it overrides some of met settings in ~./icewm/preferences)

But NOW i have a problem: if i use icewm-blue.dsl my printer doesnt work any more, if switch back to icewm.dsl my printer works)

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Quick Reply: New  IceWm  dsl extension (beautiful blue theme)

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