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cyn3rgy Offline

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Posted: May 05 2005,04:28 QUOTE

Hi all

I've been using my usb bootable 1.01 DSL for a few days. I have found that when I'm at work I can't use the MyDSL panel to download apps. The first interface appears, I select one of the options, say Apps, the app then goes into lala land. I assume this is because I'm on a private network behind a firewall/proxy. I have configured FireFox to use out corporate proxy server and I can get to the internet. Is there a way to confugre mydsl to use the proxy server also ? If not I guess I'll have to download the files using the browser though it's not as 'nice'.


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Posted: May 06 2005,02:04 QUOTE

Just a quick update to my original post. I've managed to modify the .wgetrc file. I've added a line

wget now works fine. I've noticed there is a mydsl-wget but can't find any info about it anywhere. It seems to just be calling wget. I can' understand why it's not able to get the application list and yet when I run wget on it's own, things work fine. Does anyone know what MyDSL is doing when I click one of the menu buttons?


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Posted: May 06 2005,02:24 QUOTE

another update...  

I can run /usr/bin/mydslPanel.lua and it opens the mydsl panel. Everything then works as it should, using the proxy settings. But clicking on the mydsl icon on the desktop, it is still hanging when I select one of the options, eg. games. The system doesn't respond for around a 2 minutes and then displays a blank games window.

Anyone have any ideas?
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SuperLou Offline

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Posted: May 06 2005,23:20 QUOTE

Where do I find the .wgetrc file?  Is a proxy the reason why when I go to the myDSL panel nothing loads?
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roberts Offline

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Posted: May 07 2005,00:39 QUOTE

Don't know if I can be of much help as no way for me to test proxy.
However, the mydsl Browser solely uses wget, so the proxy in the proper .wgetrc should work.

I can explain how the myDSL Browser works.

But first a few questions to you?

When you say you ran it from a shell, it works. Be sure not to run as root user.

1, As user dsl
2. Using .wgetrc in /home/dsl

How about when run from the fluxbox menu?
Apps->Tools->MyDSL Browser

The desktop icon calls mydslPanel, the buttons, which when clicked pass a library name to mydslBrowser which uses wget to fetch index.html, which is then parsed to display the info file list. When a selection is made the info item is passed to mydslInfo which fetches the actual info.file and displays it as well as buttons to proceed to download or not. Proceeding with the download passes the selected item to mydsl-wget which you have found. This downloads the md5checksum and the actual extension then verifies a good download occured.

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