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ke4nt1 Offline

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Joined: Oct. 2003
Posted: July 05 2005,19:20 QUOTE

What an arrogant, negative and disgusting post Helen left
for us all to view...  that was helpful..

Everyone here is family, and allowed to offer any suggestions
that they feel may help another, without ridicule..

Most times, a new user's issues are resolved by mentioning
the simplest of things, that may have been overlooked..

I won't go into detail about the numerous errors and flaws
in Helen's logic and responses. They are obvious to anyone
who HAS read thru the docs and forums, and knows better..

I invite everyone to contribute to the forums, no matter what
your skill level with DSL, or any other linux experience is.

"Moron", "Land Hazards", "Ignorant", "Smug", "Keep Silent",
and "Don't Bother" have no place here in the DSL forums..

..and Spotslayer, thank you for the positive feedback.
It will be addressed in the next release..

For the moment, consider it another hazard with using
the myDSL system with the HDInstalls..
It has ALWAYS been the suggestion of the DSL staff
thruout the forums that HDinstalls should use Apt,
and not myDSL, for package management..

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adssse Offline

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Joined: Mar. 2005
Posted: July 06 2005,00:01 QUOTE

Since I was one of the first to respond in this thread I am guessing I was the "Land Hazard". I apologize if anyone was offended or if I was viewed as lazy for not posting a longer response. I am pretty new to dsl and often times I am helped by someone stating the obvious to me. That being said I was just trying to help by removing one of the most obvious possibilities since I was not sure how to completely solve the problem. I have enjoyed my time very much in these forums and have been helped by many kind hearted people along the way. I hope that I might be of some help to someone in the future and apologize if it seems otherwise.
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roberts Offline

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Joined: Oct. 2003
Posted: July 06 2005,00:57 QUOTE

As the author of MyDSL system I answered Helen's issue courteously and quite completely. This should have satisified any reasonable user. To state that this is the reason to leave in disgust, is not being reasonable. Computers are made useful by humans, humans are not perfect. I am certainly not and never will be. There is not a single distribution that is perfect. As far as the error message being cryptic I would suggest to use to look up the meaning of the prefix -non. This error condition is just a root user error, although being root can break things, being any other user than user dsl will not work either, therefore other than dsl is not dsl is a non dsl user condition. Now a reasonable person, once the bug was fully explained would come to the conculstion that this error message is not cryptic. As for the complaint that the disto name is the same as the user name, what I can I say, ever heard of knoppix?

I also don't think any of the posts were dis-courteous. I think our community is most helpful. Sometimes, it is something simple that one may over look and a simple answer will suffice. I usually refrain from trying to answer all the posts. I truly appreciate those users who post answers to these forums. We have all level of users and all of their input is apprecaiated and valued. I will jump in, as I did in this thread, when I feel I need to. Otherwise, I get much satisfaction from seeing users use the code that I write and are able to explain, share their knowledge and enthusiasm for DSL.
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cbagger01 Offline

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Joined: Oct. 2003
Posted: July 06 2005,15:45 QUOTE

I'm going WAY off-topic here, but...

In my opinion, "General protection fault 0EFF" in MSWindows and "Kernel Panic" in the linux kernel is something less than an easily understood error message.

While I agree with mikshaw that the error message could be less confusing, I also happen to be from the old school philosophy of:


If you can do better, go ahead and try.  Nobody is stopping you from developing and maintaining your own distro. However, if a single "cryptic" error message is going to make you wipe your hard drive in disgust, I would instead consider trading in your computer for an embedded Internet appliance like WebTV.

I agree that DSL could probably use some improvements to the user interface but the developers tend to concentrate more on adding new functionality than doing this. It is a strategy that makes sense to me because

(1) The existing user interface is "good enough" for the majority of advanced and moderately advanced users that like to toy with the OS

(2) The novice users usually don't tweak things too much, so they don't get themselves into trouble because they don't break things.

This leaves a group of moderately advanced users that sometimes break stuff and get lost.  They usually are more than happy to post questions on the forum and don't take offense when other people try to help them.

So, from where I sit, things are working fine except for a few hypersensitive malcontents who are better off with WebTV than a Linux distro.
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clivesay Offline

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Posted: July 06 2005,15:58 QUOTE

Quote (cbagger01 @ July 06 2005,10:45)
In my opinion, "General protection fault 0EFF" in MSWindows and "Kernel Panic" in the linux kernel is something less than an easily understood error message.

That was my first thought. If you can recite the meanings of blue screen stop errors in M$ off the top of your head, I'm impressed, especially since one error can be a multitude of different things! It's hard enough just to make sure you get all the zeros counted to enter into google correctly!  :angry:

Just struck me as a funny comment that 'non-dsl user' is too cryptic.

As Ke4nt said, using the mydsl system for HD installs has always been strongly discouraged. That is a job for apt. If you want to use mydsl on your HD frugal is the best way to go 99% of the time.

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