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ke4nt1 Offline

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Posted: Aug. 31 2005,02:26 QUOTE

I'm a little confused about this too.  Fruggle install here.  I've got mydsl=hda2 and all that.  In emelFM, the path is mapped as /mnt/hda2 with

Looks like you have a persistant /home and /opt in hda2 as well..  nice..
..and your backup is also in hda2..

So , a good bootup command would be something like.
" dsl dma toram mydsl=hda2 restore=hda2 home=hda2 opt=hda2 host=yourhostname secure"

so far , so good..  
excellent use of a frugal install..

Now from what I read, any dsl extension dropped in this directory will show up in my menu.

1) Is this true?

Yes, if you use the bootoption mydsl=hda2 ,
any extensions found in the root of the hda2 partition will be
autoloaded into your filesystem at boottime.  .dsl's, .tar.gz's, .uci's

2) The folder will not let me move anything to this level of the directory or make a new folder there.  What can I do?

I don't see /KNOPPIX in hda2, so it's not your mounted frugal location.
( maybe hda1 is where your /KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX is ? )
You can open up emelfm as super-user, then you should have no issues
writing files to the mounted hda2, located at the /mnt/hda2 directory..

3) I've also read that there should be a folder called "optional" for my saved mydsl extensions to reside in.  I was led to believe this was different from /opt.  Is this correct?

Yes, /opt is different from an /optional directory you make.

Should you place extensions into a directory called /optional in your /mnt/hda2,
they will not autoload at boottime, but will be available in your "optional extensions" portion of your desktop right-click menu..

4) Can I put .uci's anywhere so they automount?

No, they work like any other extension.  They should be placed
wherever you point the "mydsl=hdXx" bootoption towards.

5) I ran gtk2-0705.dsl from the mydsl part of the menu.  Is that all I need to do?  Should I move it someplace to reside?  Can I check somewhere to make sure that it has been properly updated?

Not sure here of what you did.

A.) Did you download it with the mydsl icon?
If so, you would have found a new entry in your menu called
" Update to GTK2" , which activates the functions needed internally
for the gtk2 environment to work properly.

B.)  Did you use emelfm, or "mydsl-load" from a shell, to install
it from a previously downloaded location?
If so, then you still would need to run "Update to GTK2" from the menu,
to activate the features internally...

This can also be placed in either your /mnt/hda2 directory, or in the
/mnt/hda2/optional directory for later loading..
Either way, once loaded , the Update to GTK2 menu option still needs to run.

If you choose to autoload it from /mnt/hda2,
you could place the line " /usr/bin/start_gtk2 "
into your /opt/ file..
That would automatically run the "Upgrade to GTK2" at boottime.

Do understand that this is a work in progress,
and an awfully fat environment to choose for permanent use in DSL.

As far as saving myDSL programs goes. ( the first question in this thread )
They are usually downloaded to /tmp , when the mydsl icon on the desktop is used.  
The backup function will not preserve these downloads by default.

If you download extensions manually, from browser,
then they usually download to /home/dsl.  
This directory is defaulted in your backup,
but do understand that the backup is designed for storing personal
files and save files, not extensions.  

It is always a good idea to have a partition or something..
pendrive, hard drive, something writable, for storing
your collection of extensions..

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Posted: Aug. 31 2005,09:01 QUOTE


I have a problem loading mydsl apps:

I use two flash_usb sticks  (my hard disk went to heaven....)

On flash1 there is dsl

On flash2 my files + restore + mydsl apps

On every boot, dsl recognize my flash1 as sdb1 and flash2 as sda1.

I can correctly download mydsl apps.

What I do is copy the mydsl apps from /tmp to flash2 and at every boot give the mydsl=sda1 parameter.

Now.... some apps like WMClock Dock load just right, but others like ymessg, grip and amsn don't.

They showup in the mydsl menu, but without icon on the desktop and don't load.

Is there something I have to modify in that .filetool.lst ?
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zubalove Offline

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Posted: Aug. 31 2005,09:41 QUOTE

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question!
Hda3 is where my knoppix resides.  Hda1 ismy swap.  Some brief follow up questions:

1) How do I start emelfm as a super-user?  I'm new to linux so I'm not good with commands yet.

2) With gtk2-0705.dsl, I downloaded it specifically to be able to run Gaim.  I downloaded it using mydsl and ran it from the right-click menu.  My question now is, I need to rerun gtk2-0705.dsl before I start Gaim everytime, correct?  It isn't meant to be a one-time update, but instead an environment tweak at run-time.  Yes?

3) Your suggestion of boot-time run options of " dsl dma toram mydsl=hda2 restore=hda2 home=hda2 opt=hda2 host=yourhostname secure"
includes "toram".  I'm running an 80meg Pent 166mhtz laptop.  I thought "toram" is out of the question.  Can I use all the other commands there?

I think this about does it.  I'm considering writing a "Newbie's Adventures in DSL" that goes through my problems and experiences with DSL and Linux in general in order to provide some documentation and links for the uninitiated.  Where should I post it?  I notice there isn't a newbie's forum here.
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ke4nt1 Offline

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Posted: Aug. 31 2005,15:14 QUOTE

1. From right click menu - Apps >> Tools >> Emelfm >> Emelfm as super user.
Or, from a shell - "sudo emelfm"

2. Correct.
With frugal, you are creating your dynamic environment with every boot.  
( hence, the pun "MyDSL" , your building it your way.. )

With only 80 MB's ram, I'd be lean in deciding when to use this extension.
Perhaps look into some other options for supporting

3. The "toram" option is not an option with only 80MB's ram.
It would be WELL WORTH your time to attempt to add more
ram to your P166. The difference in performance is amazing.

Beg, borrow, steal, to get an opportunity to test this feature.
If your machine supports 128MB ( or higher!) , you'll never go back!

To Test DMA :  From a root shell , run the command
" hdparm -d0 /dev/hda " to de-activate dma ( if it can )
and then run " hdparm -Tt /dev/hda " to test the performance of  your hard drive without dma.

Then switch dma on with " hdparm -d1 /dev/hda " , and
run the performance test again. " hdparm -Tt /dev/hda "

If you see performance gains, and your system continues to run
with stability, then the dma command at boottime is most helpful.

All the other boottime options should be available to you.
Press F2 and F3 at boottime from a live CD to review all the

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zubalove Offline

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Posted: Sep. 01 2005,15:18 QUOTE

Solved!  Thanks!

However, I found that I couldn't enter all the boot options you listed.  For some reason when I typed across a line break (and the cursor moved down to the next line) all commands I entered were not recognized.  So I dropped the dsl off the command, moved dma to the end (where it hasn't been recognized).  The restore command made it half on the first line and half on the second line.  I'm not too sure how that got affected.  I did get the opt, home, and mydsl commands in first though and they worked great.  Thanks!
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Quick Reply: How can I get DSL to save myDSL programs?

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