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ugroov Offline

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Joined: Feb. 2005
Posted: Feb. 10 2005,23:03 QUOTE

Sorry for being such a n00b here. I have combed this forumn trying to find my answer. I know it has been addressed prior however I am not understanding the fix. Here is my details:

-I am using embedded 9.3 on windows via usb thumbdrive
-I am trying to save my settings and mydsl progs so they come up after a reboot
-I have tried to mount /mnt/hdb and save them there but it is not working (saved both /tmp and /opt)
I would appriciate any assistance. This is driving my nuts!
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woodyp Offline

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Joined: Feb. 2005
Posted: Feb. 23 2005,09:40 QUOTE

I am in the same boat  :(

I am extreamly new to this environment and so much want to make this work but I can't seam to persist anything. My xsetup settings are saved but any files in the ramdisk are lost. I hope someone can help two pitiful n00bs.

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aveline Offline

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Joined: July 2004
Posted: Feb. 23 2005,09:57 QUOTE

Someone will correct me if I'm wrong I hope. :P

Afaik you have to add some lines to your filetool.lst of what you wish to save.  So for me, I added this:

home/dsl/.fluxbox/backgrounds ##note the leading DOT then fluxbox, indicates a hidden file, turn on hidden file viewing in EmelFM by hitting the lil H button
home/dsl/.fluxbox/styles #your themes i believe is what this is
home/dsl/xinitrc #starts Xwindow programs when X starts up
home/dsl/xserverrc #tells Xwindow how to start up, IE with your mouse, what resolution, etc
home/dsl/media #really not sure what the hell goes here...

Close this file & save it.  Rightclick the desktop & go to the menu item "Backup/restore".  If you're using a pendrive I belive you'll wanna save to sda1 ... a hard drive is hda# (if its your master drive, the # is replaced by the right partition #) or hdb# (for secondary drive).

Reboot and at the prompt (not sure how to tell lilo to do this part tbh as I'm using grub), tell it to boot using the: restore=hda1 or sda1 (this is from memory so don't shoot me if I got it wrong).

I hope this helps you both an if not, repost.

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tronik Offline

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Posted: Feb. 23 2005,18:50 QUOTE

Thats right aveline, but they also want to save mYDSL apps...

myDSL apps go one of two places. If you want the app to autoload into the base system you place it on the / of your removable media (ie. USB KEY) and it'll autoload) or wherever you specify mydsl=/dev/xxx

Or, in the /optional (read, not /opt) directory on your media (such as a USB stick or a CD you're burning) that will make them available for dynamic loading if you wish to load them from the myDSL interface from the desktop.

myDSL's are mostly for CD users...since you cannot unininstall a myDSL once you've installed it (on HARD DRIVE INSTALLS) its generally a good idea not to use myDSLS on a hard drive install, unless you're sure you wont need to upgrade it..the other problem is it could mess with interdependencies. ;)

Hope this helps.

atlanta, GA, USA

DSL 1.0+2.4.27/sata : P4 2.4norwood : 512ddr2 : nvgf4ti4200-64 : 128mbLexar Jumpdrive Elite
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Posted: Mar. 22 2005,14:46 QUOTE

I checked my filetool.lst and there are a vew things inside, also: home/dsl/.fluxbox/styles

So id downloaded a new style, this goes default to temp en then i right click at the desktop en changed the style.

I did a backup to sda1 (kingston pendrive) and rebooted, i used the option restore=sda1

But the original desktop with the original theme is restored.

What did i do wrong?

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Quick Reply: Need walkthrough on how to save Mydsl files

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