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xaros2000 Offline

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Posted: April 15 2005,15:58 QUOTE

I'm a newbie in Linux,i 've tried some other distros before..the whole story?Dynebolic couldn't find my mouse and you're not able to install/unistall software,tried MediainLinux,after shutdown everything 's lost(XP's NTFS read/write permissions bullshit about "security"...Uncle Bill knows well what to do to prevent users from using Linux),no easy customization and never succedded in establishing a network connection,tried TopologiLinux,could not establish a network connection through CoLinux and SpeedTouch modem...tried partitioning and Fedora(and understood why most people prefer slack/deb based distros)...i'm really fed up with all that,plus having a lot of people saying how easily you can customize Linux-well,it's easy ONLY if you're an advanced Linux administrator that knows a lot about networking,compiling,partitions,running Perl scripts etc...I guess a windoze guy just has to live with the limitations mentioned before...
So I thought giving a try to DSL ;-)
Running the latest embedded through Qemu:unzipped it in my desktop(not a USB stick etc.).I downloaded some of myDSL extensions-everything ok.I tried apt-get update,Synaptic etc.,everything fine again(thanks,great work!).
What I really cannot understand at ALL is how to save the installed software for future booting...After reading most of the suggestions in the forum...i got more confused than before!(for example,trying to copy from /tmp in /mnt/hdb/ i gives permission denied).
Sorry for bothering you with all this...maybe i'm asking to much...
my whole thought was:Since there's already a working network connection,i'll download/install some audio/graphics software(.debs,.dsls,.tars etc.).Everything ok until here.Then,be able to boot it without having to re-download everything.Just zip the whole thing afterwards and be able to just extract/boot it from within any windows box...

Could someone be kind/patient enough to explain me in simple steps/terms what do I have to do?

Thanks in advance for any replies...
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tronik Offline

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Posted: April 15 2005,17:11 QUOTE

Yes, Its definitely already answered several times on the forums...but,

As everything is read from the image, as far as binaries go, nothing is actually kept on the hd, or virtual hd, or other media, unless you want it to be.

In order to use myDSL packages, you need to save them to the root or to the /optional directory of your preferred media. They will stay there until you move/remove them...

myDSL's in the root of the media will be loaded upon startup automatically. myDSL's in the /optional directory on the media will be loaded optionally when you right click on the desktop in fluxbox, they will appear in a menu for you to load them.

myDSL's are only written to the hard media (in this case, the virtual Qemu HARD DRIVE file) if you have an hdinstall on that media and are installing mydsl's and it makes a change to the filesystem. This is not preferred, as myDSL's installed (not in package form, but in installed form) to hard media will possibly cause library complications. myDSL's are meant for LiveCD users, not for hdinstall users. Hdinstalls are encouraged to use apt (or another debian package manager/frontend/whatnot) for package management.

In essence, a liveCD or frugal user who is using myDSL's will not install myDSL's in permanence, but they will be dynamically loaded at preference.

atlanta, GA, USA

DSL 1.0+2.4.27/sata : P4 2.4norwood : 512ddr2 : nvgf4ti4200-64 : 128mbLexar Jumpdrive Elite
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cbagger01 Offline

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Posted: April 15 2005,21:40 QUOTE


You may not be able to mount or use hdb unless you are the "root" or Superuser.

From within the terminal window, you can become root by typing:

sudo su

and if you are trying to do this in Emelfm, please launch Emelfm from the Right-Click main Fluxbox menu and choose "Emelfm as Super User"

Hope this helps.
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Quick Reply: myDSL/.debs Permanent-Please Help!

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