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sweetbrett Offline

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Posted: Sep. 09 2005,04:23 QUOTE

I have been trying to get dsl to boot off of my usb stick for a few days now to no avail.

so last night, I put the embedded version of dsl on my usb stick, and ran it in qemu in windows.  everything worked fine, mouse, keyboard, internet...  then i rebooted when i got home from work today forgetting that my usb drive was connected.  low and behold, my computer booted right in to DSL.  the mouse and wireless wouldn't work.  i dropped to console and ran the x config program, and enabled usb mouse, went back in to x, and mouse worked.  now i am back in windows and i wanted to try to get the wireless working, but when i run dsl in qemu, my mouse won't work and i don't know how to drop to console in qemu (i used ctrl + alt + del when i booted off the stick).

My wireless card is a netgear wpg311 v2.  i saw a few things on the new about needing the madwifi drivers or ndiswrapper to use the windows drivers.  how would i get these to work in dsl, keeping it as a embedded install, not on HDD.

also, i plan on using this embedded install in both gemu and full-boot modes interchangably, so is there a way to easily remedy my mouse problems?  I'm assuming that when i use qemu it emulates it as a ps/2 mouse, and when i boot off the usb it needs to be told its USB, not ps/2.  so when i change it it saves the setting somewhere, most likely in an editable file, so i can change the setting back to ps/2 when i want to run qemu in windows.  where is this file?  i don't see any x-settings looking file on my usb stick.

any ideas?
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cbagger01 Offline

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Posted: Sep. 11 2005,05:19 QUOTE

The file is located inside your harddisk image file.

After this file is mounted (it is a fake hard drive), you can see that there is a file inside called


If you look in this archive, there should be a file called /home/dsl/.xserverrc

FYI, any file that begins with a period "." is considered a hidden file in Linux, so you will need to enable view hidden files in order to view it.

Another way to get back to the console is to press


Also, you can force a setup change at boot time by editing your dsl-windows.bat file and add the word


in-between the words frugal and quiet

You can also use this command when booting into dsl natively.  So when the boot prompt appears, type:

dsl xsetup

and you will be prompted again.

Hope this helps.
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Quick Reply: usb mouse, wireless in embedded

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