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300c_pilot Offline

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Posted: Jan. 02 2006,15:51 QUOTE

Something new, I know DSL was not intended to be a server platform, but I couldn't resist... DSL is now running a Call of Duty 2 server. If you play, it can be reached as CRD-DSL Linux Ser. in the server list (DM). It does very well for running on a P3-700 w/256 megs ram and 20 gig HD. This machine was running a min. install of Redhat 9.0 at over 400 megs and could only support 4-6 players, now on the lan we have tested 9 players & operates fine. The cable modem it is on will only support 3-4 users currently, though. Whole new market for DSL, Gamers...

I have also tested America's Army, Call of duty & CODUO, which operate well with minor package changes. (Libc, gcc, iptables need added or changed)

Boise, Idaho
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300c_pilot Offline

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Posted: Jan. 03 2006,01:00 QUOTE

It appears that this runs well until you allow voting... Kills the server. ???Tag_error_log full error. No idea what that is. Will play with it later and post outcome here.

Boise, Idaho
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AwPhuch Offline

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Posted: Jan. 03 2006,23:25 QUOTE

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!111oneoneone  Outfreeking standing!!!!!!!!

Would you mind whipping out a HOWTO or walkthru on setting up those game servers?!?  Perhaps a "".dsl would be good to (as long as it doesnt mess with any licensing rules)!


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Posted: Jan. 04 2006,05:13 QUOTE

The total install is almost 4 gigs so a DVD iso is more likely. (Havn't tried a DVD iso yet, maybe next) I do not have the bandwidth to offer an iso of that size, plus Activision would be madd if I included my copy of the games. So I will post a small how to for COD2, It's the latest so maybe more people would want it. I would be happy to upload a single iso with "INSERT GAME FILES HERE POINTER", if someone else would dish it out. This is also based on the RC2 iso that I down loaded 8-10 days ago, so any changes since then may need to looked at.

Keep in mind that DSL is not a perfect solution, however it did work for a small lan party. And it is on the air currently via cable modem. It is in the COD2 Server list, Three rotating maps and gametypes, however I will be replacing it tomorrow with a more powerful computer and placing it on a 4meg inet connection. I will also increase the number of players to 20 and see if it holds up.

How to, too follow...Soon
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300c_pilot Offline

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Joined: Dec. 2005
Posted: Jan. 04 2006,17:08 QUOTE

Short Version:

The DSL COD2 Server, follow these steps at your own risk. This ASSUMES you know the basics of LINUX. Please do not post spelling errors...I know my spelling sucks.

Items needed:
DSL2.0RC2.0 or (DSL2.0RC2.1 have not tested, should work) on cd.
COD2 Game CD's or DVD
PC with at least PII 500mhz/256meg ram/10gig hd (Faster the Better, 10gig is for COD2 only)
Full Duplex NIC 10/100, no wireless
Internet connection min 200k upload speed / 800k download (Big as possible)

Getting Started:
1. Do a quick look at the hardrive and make sure nothing is on it you want.
2. Use a Linux version of fdisk and make a ext2 partition on your hardrive atleast 9 gigs in size. Do not format it. Leave at least 500 megs free. I used a redhat boot disk, I could not get DSL to see the drive without a ext2 partition already on it.
3. Boot DSL from a cd to ram.
4. Do a Hd Install. During install Choose Multi-logon. And format the drive for ext3 (not a typo). This allows your machine to survive being suddenly turned off better.
5. Set your root & DSL user passwords.
6. reboot
7. Logon as root. People will tell you different, this just makes it easier.
8. Create the Directory /cod2 on the root of the drive, not where the terminal opens for you, under a user's directory.
9. Download the following files:

cod2_lnxded (version 1.0a)file from:

Unzip it and put it in the /cod2 directory.

Then download:
gcc3-libs file from:

Unzip it into the /lib directory, if it wants to overwrite files, you may want to put them in the /cod2 directory. (I let it overwrite mine, not the best choice if you are going to do anything else with this box.) If they are put in the /cod directory run the command, "LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:. ./cod2_lnxded" within the /cod2 directory.

10. Mount the COD2 #1 cd/dvd, then from within the setup directory copy everything to /cod2 directory. When it is done you will have several files under /cod2 (Localization.txt is the important one) and directories /cod2/main is the place where the game is stored. If you have the dvd you are done, cd version mount the next 4 cd's and copy the contents of the /setup/main dir to /cod2/main directory on the harddrive.

11. Now go to and get there list of server configs. And sample server commands. If there are additional commands you want your server to startup with, include them in the server.cfg file below.

Under the /cod2/main directory make a text file called server.cfg
In that file put at least the Min. following lines:

//This is Damn Small Linux COD2 Server
//Host Name and Min. config
set sv_hostname "DSL Linux Serv."
//Message of the day
set scr_motd "Play Nice or Go Away!"
set sv_maxping "250"
set sv_minping "0"
// Types include bel, dm, re, sd, tdm
set g_gametype "tdm"
//put something good for a password
set rcon_password "secret_password_here"
set sv_maxclients "10"
set sv_maxrate "15000"
set sv_pure "1"
set sv_gamespy "1"
set scr_allow_vote "0"
set g_allowvote "0"
set sv_maprotation "gametype tdm map mp_brecourt gametype dm map mp_carentan gametype dm map mp_burgandy"

12. Reboot & login as dsl user. Open a terminal window, then cd to the /cod2 directory now at the prompt type the following command.

./cod2_lnxded +exec server.cfg +map_rotate

waite about a minute or until it is done scrolling...

Type "status" at the blank line and hit enter, if it says server is stopped, see what step was skipped, if it shows names, adress, guid etc... you are done.

Additional Pitfalls:

Firewall will need to be set so the DSL box is your DMZ host, If you use nat to forward the ports to the DSL box, your Windows PC will not see any COD2 servers. Unless you use a port command in your server config file, this has not worked well for me. DHCP make sure your lease time is at least 3 days or set the DSL box to a static IP.

If you go into the game and it allows people to vote (even though we disabled it in the config) then download the freeware Rcon4cod2, to manage the server from a windows PC. From there add the check to allow vote & then remove the check mark then send to server. You can also change weapons or whatever you want from rcon. But if the server is rebooted it will revert to the config settings.

Happy hunting....

Boise, Idaho
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