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WDef Offline

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Posted: Oct. 09 2006,15:59 QUOTE

unc extensions offer almost all of the benefits of uci extensions, and they are much easier to make.  You can leave man pages and docs and READMEs 'n' all in them (in fact, you should) because they use no ramdisk.  I can turn all of my existing .dsl's into unc's instantly just by running a simple script. There's no real reason to load xfree86.dsl or aliendebs.dsl anymore and take up all that ramdisk.

Perhaps though some users still have a little trouble getting their heads around this ...

The only advantages ucis have over uncs - and I suspect for 99% of users these just won't  matter - are:

1. unc extensions are effectively uninstallable. But for frugal, boot from iso or livecd, who cares? Just reboot :=).

2. unc extensions appear to the system to "put" files on the system, so you could still get a "collision" ie "overwrite", say, a lib with an older version (newer versions should in theory be ok, but only in theory).  But this will be rare, and even rarer that this actually has any bad effects. If so - again with frugal, livecd or boot from iso - just reboot.
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hrwusesdsl Offline

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Posted: Oct. 14 2006,00:03 QUOTE

OK, great, so UNC's have advantages for you experts who set up linux packages.  Now, how can a lowly dial-up user using dsl.2.2b,  get a listing of availble UNC's so i can see if there are goodies there to justify the trouble of an upgrade??
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^thehatsrule^ Offline

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Posted: Oct. 14 2006,00:11 QUOTE

see MyDSL > UNC

It's simple enough to create unc's from older .dsl/.tar.gz from the available scripts that are floating around.
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mikshaw Offline

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Posted: Oct. 14 2006,01:47 QUOTE

in my opinion, it's overkill to convert tar.gz to unc.  They already run in opt, so a UCI conversion is sufficient. It would have none of the benefits of unionfs if converted to UNC, since tar.gz doesn't install anything into system directories.

WDef: your benefit #1 is more important than you may least for some people.  Personally I like uci _mainly_ because it is easily added and removed.  I can have my DSL system running for days and be constantly adjusting the installed applications according to my needs without needing to reboot.  This is sweet.

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roberts Offline

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Posted: Oct. 14 2006,02:28 QUOTE

UNCs are not for experts or builders of extensions.

UNCs can make low ram frugal system have even more capabilites.

For example, I have a tiny subnotebook Sony Picturebook C1V
It has a weird 1024x480 screen. Thanks to an XFree86.unc I am able to enjoy full screen X. The .dsl version used up too much memory.

I would like to see .tar.gz to be replaced by UCI and .dsl be replaced by UNC.
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