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kuky Offline

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Joined: May 2005
Posted: Jan. 06 2008,00:21 QUOTE

can be useful that every mydsl extensions  are explained with integrity and autonomy steep by steep , its not necesary to know my dsl.unc or tar.gz to do a mydsl.uci or viceversa...(the newbies can help but we have a little knowledge and in mosaic).

as mike said

"The only thing the developer needs to do for a menu item is include /tmp/, which contains a single line in the Blackbox format:
[exec] (my menu label) {my command}"

if, in dsl in ver 4.x, can drag an drop  of mydsl menu to have a direct acces in desktop  in a first steep and change the image icon in  a second steep  the problem is solved(for a competitive stetic with others distros).?

for to dsl ver 3.x with icontool is solved.

i have made partial ucis (without user.tar.gz) of OOo and , firefox and thunderbird of several Mb in minutes with the explains of the wiki, but to made the first user.tar.gz of 45 kb of a single line for path to i spent * the 3 latest weks of 07 and the first of 08 with no result...try and error procedure because i dont now to chown pag 205 official book...

* included some time and  patient of the gurus of the forum...

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stupid_idiot Offline

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Joined: Oct. 2006
Posted: Jan. 06 2008,06:42 QUOTE

Quote (kuky @ Jan. 06 2008,03:21)
try and error procedure because i dont now to chown pag 205 official book...

(1) To chown a file(s), do:
Code Sample
chown <owner>:<group> [files]
Code Sample
chown dsl:staff [files]

(2) Instead of "user:group" (e.g. dsl:staff), we can also use the user/group number. We can see users' user/group numbers in the file '/etc/passwd'.
Code Sample
dsl:x:1001:50:DSL User:/home/dsl:/bin/bash
From the first line: "root" is followed by "0:0.
This mean the user "root" has user number "0" and group number "0".
So for "root", we do:
Code Sample
chown 0:0 [files]
If it is for "dsl", we do:
Code Sample
chown 1001:50 [files]

(3) To chown a directory + all files inside the directory,
use the '-R' option:
Code Sample
chown -R 0:0 [directory]

(4) For MyDSL extensions:
All files in '/home/dsl/' should belong to user "dsl":
Code Sample
chown -R 1005:50 home/dsl/
All files in '/tmp/' also should belong to user "dsl":
Code Sample
chown -R 1001:50 tmp/
Files in all other places should belong to user "root":
Code Sample
chown -R 0:0 [whatever/]

(5) If you use user/group names ("root"/"dsl"... "staff"...), you must always use a colon
(" : "), e.g.
Code Sample
chown dsl:staff [files]
If you use numbers, you can use either a colon (" : ") or a dot/full-stop (" . "),
e.g. both are OK:
Code Sample
chown 1001:50 [files]
chown 1001.50 [files]
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kuky Offline

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Posts: 245
Joined: May 2005
Posted: Jan. 06 2008,12:22 QUOTE

if i understood the general procedure of ucis....?
by example all in ver 4.2.
with emlfm
1) i made the untar firefox20011 of the spanish ver(firefox. in opt i add with mydsl gtk2 0705.dsl and run fine (only some warnigs of type translate i think by gtk2.dsl procedures)...

2) i rename  /opt/firefox by opt/esfirefox20011(i put first es to easy find the spanish versions in the repository).

3) i made with beaver /tmp/ with the line

[exec] (esfirefox20011) { /opt/esfirefox20011/firefox}

4) i made a list file with beaver in tmp with the line


5) i type in aterm root (how i understand of page 205 of official book)
    a) # chown -R 0.0  /opt/
    b) # chown -R 0.0  /tmp/
    c)  # chown -R 1001.50 /home/dsl/
    d)  # chown 1001.50 /tmp/

6) i create the user.tar.gz with

  # tar -C / -T /tmp/list -czvf /opt/esfirefox20011/user.tar.gz

 (its done a user.tar.gz of 50 kb aprox the competence of repository have 6000...)

7)  i make the uci in /opt (emelfm) with

# mkisofs -R -hide-rr esfirefox20011 | create_compressed_fs - 65536 > /tmp/esfirefox20011.uci (and the uci its done after several lines of iso...)

 8) i copy the uci in sda1 and rename the original /opt/esfirefox20011 by /opt/aesfirefox20011(to after test the uci)  and reinice the pc.

  9) i load with mydsl app in local file ...and the uci its loaded in opt/esfirefox20011 but no in menu mydsl .. if i clik in emlf of write in run box, its work fine...

but there is a final tragedy... about 300 millions of spanish people over the world are waiting to share firefox, thunderbird and OOo adapted to dsl.uci (kukydsl proyect....) and its depend in the effort of the gurus of the forum to understand to newbies, pigmalion effect,  and to the emotional inteligence of newbies to  understand  the gurus, and peace in the  conflict phaenomen ingroup-outgroup dsl-ms and newbies-gurus...

thanks stid (i make, with your permision, a change in your nick, a question of autoesteem and public imagen,at the end you are a real person,good and clever person i presume ) i work in your explanations but i think that you solve first the enigma,to me, of dsl menu ...

its funny to writee to dsl proyect and his community...
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Juanito Offline

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Joined: Sep. 2005
Posted: Jan. 11 2008,12:57 QUOTE

To support dfm icons is also very easy:

The only thing that is new (additional) is to make or convert the icon image in home/dsl/.xtdesk and store it as a 32x32 icon in /tmp/mydsl.icons/ext_name.xpm

...but what do you do with/where do you put the dsl-4.x equivalent of  /home/dsl/.xtdesk/myapp.lnk? I was using the command entry to pass a LD_LIBRARY_PATH= statement in dsl-3.x
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mikshaw Offline

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Joined: July 2004
Posted: Jan. 11 2008,15:27 QUOTE

The script /usr/local/bin/shortcuts.lua is run when a mydsl extension is installed. This script creates a dfm icon using the command in /tmp/ I guess this means that every extension that includes a desktop icon should also include a menu item, which sounds reasonable even for DSL 3.x and earlier.

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