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sweetshort Offline

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Posted: Mar. 01 2008,21:14 QUOTE

I agree with both views that looks are important to inspire, and to make some people feel comfortable in their own home workspace, and that looks, however, can heavily bloat a system.

I'm all for substance, but for beauty from time to time. I find that substance is lacking and that too many distros and OSes are focusing on the looks. Beauty is great when doing web browsing and that sort of stuff. Most of the time or even all the time, however, I turn all that junk off because I don't like lag. Why wait for a cube to turn to change workspace when I can simply change workspace with a click? Why wait for a theme to load when I don't have to?

No offense to Mac people, but I think OS X triggered the beauty contest. Macs have a balance between beauty and function, which makes them popular; nonetheless, I find OS X to be very bloated compared to OS 9. Why?

Windows 9x, aside from the crashes and viruses, works very smoothly and does a lot of things well on a 486. Why does WindowsXP and up feel very bloated?

For those OSes like Ubuntu that are for the general masses, it's normal that they will try to make their OSes look beautiful like a brand new car. They are trying to show that a Linux OS can be as great, as easy or better than ___. In some ways that's great because mentioning Linux instead of Windows or Mac will scare less people.

DSL has a specific niche; it isn't Ubuntu for that reason. I find DSL is okay the way it is in terms of look; it is bare, fast and bloat free. If someone wants to make it beautiful afterwards, it will be their choice. Perhaps there can be a beauty package or site for those who want to turn DSL into their own beautiful workspace.
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mikshaw Offline

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Posted: Mar. 02 2008,00:53 QUOTE

Or perhaps a forum thread or wiki section could be devoted to teaching users about setting background images, changing Gtk/jwm/murgaLua/fluxbox themes, making terminal apps more attractive, changing desktop icons, etc.

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newby Offline

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Posted: Mar. 02 2008,11:52 QUOTE

Quote (jpeters @ Feb. 29 2008,22:00)
Maybe some kind of 12 step program for computer paraphilias are in order.


Reminds me of the researcher, Francis S. Gilbert, who used Rasch analysis to prove that the only ones of the 12 steps that contributed to sobriety are the first three ones.*

So, in that light, I propose...

"I admit I am powerless over Windoz.  I can not indulge in eye candy, no matter what.  I turn myself over to the power of *nix."

<Big Grin>

(* Journal of Studies on Alcohol , 1991, 52:4, pp 353-360)


I use graphical interfaces when they make the puter useful and the job at hand easier, like image editing.  Beyond that, I still haven't found the limit to what can be done on an 8-bit processor with 16k ROM and 32k RAM.
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roberts Offline

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Posted: Mar. 05 2008,05:34 QUOTE

Quote (jaapz @ Feb. 29 2008,08:08)
Quote (lucky13 @ Feb. 23 2008,09:52)
and go "ohhhh ahhh" with occular orgasms.

i count myself too young for that :P
but as some people like the idea and some people don't, at first i will just post some backgrounds, i will take a look at that pixmap gtk thingy and maybe submit some styles for it, it sounds interesting!

well, my first try for a decent background where me myself and i are not quite satisfied with:

(xcf file for gimp also available: Click)

I really do appreciate the effort to contribute a new background.

Since it is low color I was able to cut it down to size (30.5k)

But it is quite noticeable that the x in Linux is cut off.
The D in Damnsmall is also partially off the screen.

Perhaps you could correct these two things?
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jpeters Offline

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Posted: Mar. 08 2008,05:32 QUOTE

Quote (roberts @ Mar. 05 2008,00:34)
But it is quite noticeable that the x in Linux is cut off.
The D in Damnsmall is also partially off the screen.

Perhaps you could correct these two things?d appreciation for art!     :D
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