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blogananda Offline

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Posted: June 12 2008,21:29 QUOTE



Iam Ananda Kammampati (username "blogananda" at DSL forums) and I would like to introduce StudentOS™ - a remastered DSL4.0 but, with Linux 2.4.35 kernel built with LIRC module.

Now why does the world need yet another remastered Linux you might ask. Fair question and I dont have a convincing answer :-) But I have shared my thoughts on creation of StudentOS™ and different "Editions" of it on my website.

Having done with the creation of StudentOS™, for which I have documented to my best at :

I then went ahead and did something that the creators of DSL and it's community would hate to see someone doing it for DSL. which is "bloating" the distro and going against it's phylosophy of keeping it small.

So, before I get flame emails :-) just wanted clarify that my intial plan is to work extensively on DSL-N (2.6 kernel). But since I couldn't get the development tools working on DSL-N (atleast when I looked into it last time), I eventually ended  up spending more time on DSL, creating StudentOS™ and different Editions based on it, with each bundled with a different set of Opensource applications.

You are absolutely welcome to download, install them and play with them all.

For now, please bear with the ugly (but harmless) error messages that will be thrown at bootup time (exception - StudentOS™-Basic Edition). I'll take care of them in their
next cut/release.The error messages will appear only when it is booted from CDROM. Once you install them on the hardrive (Press F3 at boot prompt and enter "install"), things should be fine.

Clicking on each Edition of StudentOS™ listed under>Documentation-->StudentOS-->Editions

should popup a browser (or a tab in your browser) showing step-by-step instructions in building all the softwares listed under that particular Edition.

I sincerely hope the documentations that I have provided will save a lot of trouble for anyone out there who love DSL and who would like to install different Opensource software on DSL. (The website is slow and it might be annoying. But I'll fix it)

I welcome you to sign-in the guestbook with your thoughts and suggestions :-) You can also reach me at :

Thanks a million to Robert and John for making DSL and also writing an excellent book on it!

Learn, Educate, Share!
Ananda Kammampati

Here is the list of Opensource softwares that I could build on DSL.

CMS Edition

CRM Edition

ERP Edition

Twiki Edition
Twiki wiki
Moin Moin

Forum Edition

Server Edition

Streaming Edition
Icecast Streaming Server
Live555 Streaming Server

eCommerce Edition

Web Publishing Edition

Support Tracking Edition
Request Tracker

Systems Mgmt. Edition

Document Mgmt. Edition
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lucky13 Offline

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Posted: June 12 2008,22:29 QUOTE

Mr Blogananda:

Per the terms of the GPL, both v2 and v3, I'd like a copy of sources you used in your distribution. Where have you made sources available? :)

Edit: cf: and (version 3 since it pertains to certain code in DSL, i.e., "GPL2 or later" etc.)

Edit 2: cf:
(Includes quote from DSL's own John Andrews on downstream GPL compliance.)

There's a very big reason I don't offer my own remasters: I don't care to run repositories for upstream sources. Did you think this through very carefully before "trademarking" and offering your sub-distro(s) on another distro's site?

"It felt kind of like having a pitbull terrier on my rear end."
-- meo (copyright(c)2008, all rights reserved)
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