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gato escondito

Posted: Nov. 25 2003,05:19 QUOTE

Quote (Gilbert Ashley @ Nov. 18 2003,07:06)
If you want bloat, just use the regualr Knoppix. The main goal of DSL is that t fit on a mini CD.

Let's use the right terms here.. DSL is for Bizcard CD's not mini disc's. Mini CD's are 8cm and yes, they still fit into your shirt pocket. Biz cards are useless becuse they bust in your wallet. The shirt pocket is where it's at people.
I'll bet any of you out there, the next progression of DSL will be on Mini-CD's (200meg). I'll put my request in now:
I'd like to see the mini disc version launched from UBCD v.2(that's for those that haven't seen it yet). Now, all we have to do is be creative with the last 90 meg...
Finally, my wallet will open!! :)
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EMLF Offline

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Joined: Oct. 2003
Posted: Nov. 27 2003,16:18 QUOTE

I don't like Dillo browser very much.
gLinks is so far much better than it.
Only Opera or Mozilla w/ plug-ins are better than gLinks
Dillo is just a waste of damn space  :p
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Randy Boehm Offline

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Joined: Nov. 2003
Posted: Nov. 28 2003,07:21 QUOTE

I tried replying to this posting from Links Hacked. For some reason I am unable to post using Links Hacked. I think that a bit ironic because what I was saying was that Links Hacked is more enjoyable to use than Dillo, especially with being able to use mostly single keystrokes to control the browsing. Surfing using the same keystrokes in GUI and in Textmode is a plus.

Sadly copying text is not possible with Links Hacked (except with OS/2). I have been browsing with it and then opening up Dillo to copy text. Would also be happier if I could be posting this while in Links Hacked. (have I missed something simple?)

Fluxbox is alright, but for old laptops with small screens a WM with virtual windows and a pager is quite useful for reading pdf files, large spreadsheets, and overwide webpages. What be the arguments against fvwm?
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Profile PM 

Posted: Nov. 29 2003,05:46 QUOTE

Damn Small Linux is great, but I wish the Golem window manager was included.

Golem is extremely light on the ram, yet extensively configurable.  The file size can be small or large, depending on the included themes (skin size can vary dramatically, but background tiling can be activated to save space).

Golem has a solid, built-in pager, a fancy pier, Xinerama capability, configurable window-frame pixmaps and more, all while using less memory than Fluxbox.

Check it out:

Also, it would be nice to have Xfree86 included.
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Posted: Dec. 03 2003,16:52 QUOTE

If you try Morphix LightGUI 0.4.1, there is  a XP-like theme in the theme switcher and you can XP to your heart's content.  I find that I like the default XFCE4 w/ crystal icons.  It's coool.  Morphix Light weighs in around 200MB, but could be trimmed down.  I plan on removing GIMP, cd burner stuff, then adding wifi stuff, another light browser like browseX, a newer custom kernel and maybe some other custom stuff for me.  You can alter/customize Morphix just like you can w/ Damn Small, it's up to you.  :)
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